Battlepass completed

i think they will not, so dont waste your time

It used to be much better with old perks. I still use it for knocking out crowds of weak NPCs and dragging them to my sacrificial stones. And even for a 1-on-1 knockout action, I like how the combo finisher can knock down the NPC, but I do miss the old power…

Maybe I should make a suggestion to buff the concussive power of Lovetap? It doesn’t have to be the highest tier, but maybe put it somewhere between iron and steel truncheon…


I still give it to my thrall to wallop NPCs. The combo effect alone makes it worth it that the standard truncheon 3 and since thralls are far better at the mace combo than I am, let them have at it.

I can’t be the only one who hears “love cats” by the cute everytime I hear that name?!? :joy::joy:

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Indeed not!

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Lovetap can also be used from horseback for those who like horseback combat
Not having to dismount to knock things out is sometimes nice

I’m afraid that what I hear is:

I even have the lyrics for the chorus:


I guess @Mikey is right about that, but maybe the diligent ones will be lucky and at least the daily unused XP multipliers will be preserved while the actual Battle Pass is solved already. So if you were quick, you will be rewarded with a bag full of multipliers for the next Battle Pass.


But even that is probably only wishful thinking. :see_no_evil:


Effing thanks maaaate. Now I hear them both :joy::joy:

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Yeah I doubt it. It’s really not a big deal either way though - assuming daily multipliers start working of course.


I didn’t yet! I just play my game ignoring the existence of it. You know, even if you won’t cash out your efforts, when this challenge will be back it will be full again :man_shrugging:. The first day I sayed to try it I went lvl 15 just like that. So even if I am low level, because I don’t know what level I am :laughing:, I know that I can finish it in 2 days max, so I don’t even bother doing it. It flows alone like @darthphysicist said in the very beginning!


Whenever I encounter one I like to deconstruct an exploit from the standpoint of “unskilled but curious.” I guess that might even be my own basis of the Scientific Method.

I am not curious about the Battle Pass, or the Bazaar, but I do respect all you who participate in it. It’s just, the more I hear, the less I want to know. Please don’t take that as aggro, and pardon the slipstream, @erjoh.

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Got my 1200 crom coins for completing BP lads… i swear to god if Funcom make next BP cost 1201 coins… :sweat_smile: