No way man, I can't do it

I’m on a private server. I play vanilla though except no building decay. I tried doing the battlepass as an experiment. No freaking way. I’ve been playing for several hours and I’m just now level 7 of 60. I’ve done nothing but farm vulture feathers, kill hyenas, kill humans, skin corpses, harvest trees, crafting 10 stone picks, etc, etc, etc.

This has got to be the most bloody boring thing I have ever done in a game. PERIOD. Conan Exiles despite bugs/glitches and frustrations galore has been in the running for my favorite game of all time for a few years now.

But I can’t do this. I’d rather pay 40 dollars and get all the battlepass crap. Seriously, I would love to decorate my buildings, wear the new armor, etc. It’s one of my favorite things about Conan Exiles. But I’m not willing to destroy my recreational time that is short enough as is, doing these mundane, mindless tasks. There is simply no way.

When people are doing this kind of stuff in CoD for example, they are leveling a gun that they might not otherwise use. They are learning to use a different weapon. They are learning how to strategize against others who may prefer that gun. They are getting a novelty factor from using a weapon they haven’t used before.

None of that is present in your battlepass. It’s the same mundane tasks we did a zillion times getting to level 60. To make matters worse 90% of the time is spent traveling. You’ve got the XP so low, and the requirement so low that we spend 5-10 minutes running across the map to find humans of a faction, or berries, or a specific flower. Then we harvest a whopping 10 of them which takes like 2 minutes. Then we’re headed back across the map. It’s boring, it’s tedious, it’s miserable, it’s disheartening, it’s ZERO fun.

I’m sorry. I’ve been excited about the prospect of being able to earn or buy new armors and building pieces ever since the first mention. But this is not something I can do. I would love to throw money at this game. I’ve enjoyed it enough that I’m willing to do it. However I’m not going to do this garbage to get these items. I’m certainly not going to pay money to make myself miserable instead of just getting to enjoy the game and I’m not going to watch the store like some kind of reseller on ebay waiting for that limited window in the Bazaar when the armor set or the building set I want is actually available or on sale.

It’s NOT happening. You’re completely off target here.

We need direct purchase access to everything in the battlepass in the store. NO, not at some random time over the next friggin year. ALL THE TIME. That way when I roll a new character, I’m in the mood to put a dafari spin on that character, I can go to the store, spend real world money to fund your game by buying dafari themed armor and building pieces. Not 6 months from now, not by being miserable for hours and hour sand hours of killing 10 random enemies 1000 times.

This has got to change.

To make matters worse I activated admin mode and started “cheating” my way through the battlepass. NO. Even then it’s still miserable. Teleporting to a location and god moding down 10 bears is still monotonous and tedious.


You get 5 daily 10x multipliers. The battlepass was never meant to be done in one sitting. It’s active for several months


What does that matter? I don’t want to waste my recreational gaming time over the next few months. 100 hours of mundane, unfun tasks whether I do it in 5 days straight of binge gaming or over a 6 month period is still 100 hours of my “fun” time peed into the wind.

This is not how you make a game viable.


An hour a day is enough to get several levels. You can also admin panel to cheese most challenges


The OPs reaction was my original reaction and I suspect it will be the reaction for anyone not familiar with the idea of a battle pass.

IF you happen to play Conan regularly already, then completing the battle pass over the next couple of months or so won’t be so bad. If you only focus on completing 5 challenges with a 10x XP multiplier in each session, you can earn between 2-5 ranks per session. One you’re done those 5 forget about grinding them out, just wait til they refresh.

However, if you do not play Conan regularly, it will feel like you are missing out because the battle pass really requires you to do regularly to be able to complete before it expires.

In Funcom’s blurb about it, they state that if you manage to play a couple hours a week you should be able to complete the battle pass within the 13 weeks. It sounds reasonable to play a couple hours a week.

I’m in my 30s and been gaming my whole life and to me the idea of a battle pass is a pretty gimmicky retention plan that developers put in games these days to…retain players.

You know, back in my day (in an old man’s voice) we used to play games for fun. We didn’t play them to earn XP, battle ranks, or fluff. But without going on a long rant about battle passes and today’s gaming industry…just don’t try and grind the battle pass in Conan.


And where do these multipliers come from? I haven’t gotten any yet.

Every day you should be getting them. If they aren’t there, submit a bug report


Are these just automatic in the battlepass or are they some kind of item you get in game? I’m assuming you have to have purchased the battlepass for them to work?

Automatic. They’ll show on the header above the xp on challenges


There is a timer in the battle pass and each time it refreshes you get 5 more 10x XP boost. Just do those events with 10x XP. Try and do only high base XP events. So if you have 5 events at 30XP, use a re-roll to try and get higher base XP events. Once the timer refreshes you will get 5 more 10x XP boosts.

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I just hit level 11 on mine. So about 1/6th of the way done in about 2 days of actively playing. Here’s my take on it thusfar.

If I decided to grind this crap out to 60 as my sole focus, I’d be tearing my eyes out. However that’s not what I’ve been doing. The only time I go out of my way to do a challenge is when its a Rare or Legendary. They’re the only ones kinda worth doing like that.

The common and uncommons I do when I’m farming for other stuff. For example if it says kill 10 Prey Animals, that gets done when I’m looking for stuff to skin for leather/tar. Mine 10 Stone gets done when I decide I need stone for bricks. Berries or Plantfiber when I need twine. And so forth.

At the current rate I should have my BP completed through casual play in about 2 weeks tops. Some of you barbarians are gonna have that done in the next few days and more power to you. Yall got this down to a science and that’s amazing. Others may get it done sometime after I do. That’s ok too, there’s no rush.

I mean don’t get me wrong some of those are tempting. I just got that Demon Dog-Goat thing and yeah it looks pretty nifty, not going to lie. But it will all come when it does. Play at the pace you’re comfortable at. You all have plenty of time.

I wouldn’t mind if they added some small tangible benefits to completing challenges in general. Maybe some exp (kinda like a journey step bonus), or some sort of resource. This way its a bit more rewarding to do this on your active characters, rather than going to SP for some of them.


Maybe try just cashing them in as you play rather than deliberately doing them… you’d be surprised how you can complete the battlepass without even really trying.


I agree with @Criosdaidh that challenges distract from the game. And although @Taemien has already mastered the system to make it quick and pleasant, I don’t want to keep remembering that, want I have to do and how, check the challenges tab and click on completed tasks… I don’t understand why challenges force me click that :triumph: button.

I’d like to choose what I can do in the game, choose to collect fur :boar:, but get accidentally caught up in a boss :mammoth: fight, get lost in the woods :evergreen_tree: and find a unique T4 worker - just play the game.

After all, there is the word “exp” experience. Why can’t it be leveled up like characters (killing, collecting, crafting, completing a journey step, exploring and spending time in the game)?
This is the fourth leveling system in the game (leveling character, companion, mount, and now Battle Pass). Companions only gain exp by killing. Mounts by killing and riding. Challenges complicate this unnecessarily, naming the progression in Battle Pass the same as other leveling systems (“experience”), but this is separate one… Challenges could limit what their exp gives them, just like mounts and companions.

On top of that, the Battle Pass is very far from the Conan game, it has its own leveling system, its own window, its own rewards. It’s like a phone game where you can only level up for 15 minutes in a day.

The Battle Pass should be progressed by just everything we do in the game. Now it forces me to gather resources that I don’t need. I ignore the fact that in Polish the last part of the sentence in the challenge is not visible :dotted_line_face: and it is usually written there which tool, what creature or what effect I am supposed to use/kill to pass the challenge with :expressionless:.

:pencil2: Added: I was excited about these challenges before I could test them myself. I really regret that they could not be tested on Testlive.


At first on exiledlands it is a way easier to do this, atm i´m level 54 of 60,on siptah … it is a way more meh…

If you have to craft weapons or tools, gather branch, stone, twine, wood and craft the stonestuff.
Same for armor, craft the cheapest stuff.

On Exiled lands you have the teleporter room, grab a map with all the stuff that you need and happy porting :smiley:

It worked very well

I got the problem that i have to do the whine cellar and klael´s stronghold 20 times in a row… i was really fu***d of but it gave a lot of points :smiley: and if you run trough it worked, don´t kill all single crap in it…

bring a good follower with you an party on ( for me it was a big white tiger)

so it is possible to do that ( and that´s from me, i´m the impatient person ever)

I believe they had to do this with how they’ve implemented the challenges because if they auto completed, you would end up completing ones you don’t want (ie, potentially wasting XP boost).

It would be nice if they would incorporate a small amount of rank XP into every action just like normal XP.

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If, like me, gaming time is a rare luxury (been lucky lately to get a fair bit of it), it’s unlikely that completing the battlepass through regular play is possible. Given that the challenges are random and rarely exciting, I will probably just do them in admin mode. Defeats the purpose IMO, but that’s the way of it.

Incidentally, I do hope the option to complete them ‘in the cheesy fashion’ stays: if you have lots of time daily to play it’s unnecessary, but if you have two hours on the weekend and that’s it, it might well be the only option.

I do hate dailies though, be it in MMOs or Conan.


Every 24-hour challenge cycle your first challenges should have a 10x modifier. If you do one, the next challenge is without it. But you should always get the first batch as 10x.

If this isn’t happening, submit a bug report. I will post a screenshot tomorrow if I remember.

The quality of challenges is random, 30 for common, 40 for uncommon, 70 for rare, 150 for legendary.
When you put 10x modifier on these, you make quite a bit of progress. Im getting practically 2 levels per day.

I agree with everything the OP stated.

The Battle Pass rewards are fine. I dont have a problem with them.

My problem is how you obtain them.
I thought you could just play the game normally.
No, the only way to Level the Battle Pass is through the Challenges.
I’m level 60 and have better things to do than run around grinding n00b stuff over and over EVERY DAY for BP XP.

In Red Dead Online you could level their Outlaw Pass just by playing the game. You werent force into doing Dailies. Though it did give you a quick XP boost so Dailies helped level the Pass faster.

I dont have time to log-in to do Dailies just so I can level a Battle Pass that I already bought.
It’s BS that after I paid $, I’m forced into Dailies just to unlock my purchase.

I wish I could get my $10 back


From what I’ve seen/heard about doing these kind of quests, I’m kinda interested. I always missed the “do this, do that” mini-quests. Although I did not even start updating the game (I usually wait 2-3 weeks for mods to catch up), that seems enjoyable for me.
Yeah I ranted a bit about not updating because of sorcery, which I still don’t like, and the high prices of the bazaar, this one got my interest.

Just FYI it would appear that the exp boost doesn’t work on the 150 XP challenges. I killed 10 bat creatures for 70xp and it gave me my bonus (used one of 5). I crafted a piece of legendary armor for 150 and only got 150 and still have 4 of my x10 left. Not sure WTH that is about.