I thought it was stated you could complete the Battle Pass anytime, so long as you paid for it

I thought it was stated you could complete the Battle Pass anytime, so long as you had paid for it while it was current? This doesn’t seem to be the case as Zendesk says you must complete the challenges before the next chapter. Which is it?

If it is the latter I should receive a refund for any unclaimed Crom Coins from chapter one since they were unused and the promised content was not made available even though it was fully paid for. It’s one thing to set lock-out timers for free content, but if something is paid for you are required to deliver the items or issue a refund for the undelivered parts which you choose not to deliver to the purchaser.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it was always stated that you must complete the battlepass within the chapter and once the new chapter is released, a new battlepass will become available and the old will end. This was also the reason for them to do the xp event to give people the chance to finish their battlepass on time. You had also the opportunity to buy premium to unlock levels without grinding through them. If you have unlocked all levels you should get your rewards but if you have managed to get only half way through you are out of luck I am afraid.

You also had the possibility to complete the battle pass and only then decide whether your progress was worth buying the BattlePass or not.

This is one of the reasons why I cannot and I will not support the idea of BattlePass for this or any other game. It creates this sense of urgency and forces you to do boring repetitive tasks to get what you have already paid for.

I would say at least Funcom have priced it well and allowed people to complete it in single-player by spawning what you need. For many other games it is a struggle to dedicate enough time to complete their passes and they did not give you the coins you spent back if you manage to complete it on time. Even though Funcom’s BP is not the worst out there, it is still a concept I stand against.


We’ll have to disagree on this. The five boosted challenged per day, stacking for three days, mean that a played can complete at least 30 challenges if they play twice a week. Each daily challenges set gives an gross estimate of 2.5 levels, which translates into a minimum of five levels a week. The last season ran 12+ weeks. Playing twice a week, just to complete the challenges lets you get all 60 in the season’s duration.

And, if folks do not care about the battle pass, they can ignore it. The rewards are cosmetic.

Pardon me while I plant my newly acquired roses.


They also promised if I did not spend my Crom Coins in the Bazaar I would have enough to buy the next Battle Pass and this did not happen. My Crom Coins were consumed when the previous Battle Pass ended and this is my main complaint. Give the Crom Coins back for undelivered content refund.

Meanwhile, no more Battle Pass purchases until all 60 levels are earned. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

If that were the case why do they require so many dull repetitive tasks to complete the Battle Pass. No they want you to fail and buy more Croms. That’s the gimmick. They (and you) say they make it easy with all the XP boosts, but many will fail, it’s not as easy as you say. When players fail they must buy more Croms.

You are attributing malice where there is only poor game design.

The challenges are boring and repetitive. Just like the events and the bounty hunting.

Each one of these new introductions is an example of an idea implemented without a consideration of long-term interaction.

Our first clue of this approach is the idiotice falling rocks and other “jump scare” tactics in the game. They happen predictably, without consequence, like visiting the same haunted hours three time a week for 50 years.

As for Funcom wanting our money, that is accurate. A determination was made that the DLC model was not bringing in sufficient revenue so they threw this half-baked idea out. Allowing folks to purchase unlock levels is another revenue stream. So is the Bazaar.

No one need participate in them.

But, it is relatively painless to complete the season under the current mechanics.

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odd. I completed the BP, Did not spend any CC in the Bazaar, and had exactly enough CC ‘awarded’ from the BP available for the season 2 pass. But, I COMPLETED and claimed all 60 levels of season 1 which included all levels that awarded CC. If you failed to complete the pass far enough to earn the final coin drop, then you failed to earn enough coins, so it is not a failure or lie on Funcom’s part.


Nice idea with those rose bushes in the pots!

I used planters in combination with lavender bushes within interior, but one has to wiggle with it for a while, so it does look good.

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As I said before in another thread, the key is to use and stack experience multipliers and do only legendary and rare challenges, while using rerolling (and in the end finishing the other uncommon and common ones).

Today I got 4 level ups with just one and only 10xXP multiplier. It is really not that hard. :slight_smile: And certainly don’t bother with other challenges without any multipliers, the only one worth considering it is the legendary for 150, the rest is numb and slow grind.


Agreed… it’s the legendary and rares, plus stacking that get the job done. Here we are, three weeks in and I’m on official only. I’m at 57 as of this morning. People need to get on board with this way of grinding. On occasion, I accidentally complete a common or uncommon because some can’t be avoided when they carry over progress with each rotation (harvest stone/wood, kill __ x#, etc.), but for the most part, many of them can be avoided in favor of stacking those more lucrative challenges.


Ooo… I tried some of the other pots and they didn’t work… hmm… must try these.

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I got you - I also don’t like when I am on my way for the completing legendary one, have 5 stacks of multipliers and my another challenge is also “to kill 2-5 of anything”, which are on the way to the important one, while my thralls tend to attack everything in sight and working on the challenge I really don’t want to lose my multiplier to. :smiley:

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Lol yeah… though to combat this, I suggest settih your thrall to “guard me.” Unless you’re attacking or are attacked, they’ll do nothing but follow. It’s how I farm non-hostile areas like sepermeru and the volcano or walk through Valeria’s camp on siptah. It’s not a sure guarantee, but it helps.


They mostly are in this mode, right because of the problem I stated in another thread (unintentionally killing wanted thrall), but happened to me lot of times that this could not be enough - because animal or thralls attack me, give me if only one hit and followers already take it as the allowed target… So, better than nothing, but not 100% safe anyway. :smiley:

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once the season is over you can no longer earn points for it. You can buy levels with crom coins or earn via challenges xp which range from 30 to 150 xp plus 10x bonuses. Once the season ends you start working on the next. Just like any other game with battle passes like call of duty and battlefield.

No, they didn’t promise that. They promised that if you complete the Battle Pass, you’ll get all of your Crom coins back, which will allow you to buy the next Battle Pass, provided you don’t spend those coins in the Bazaar.

You can go and look at the dev stream or read the recap.

Honest question, not trying to be confrontational: did you look at the dev stream or even the BP itself before or after you bought it? They explained how it all works, but even if you didn’t watch the stream, you could see the BP rewards, and 10 of those rewards are giving you 120 Crom coins each.

So you spend 1200 Crom coins on the BP and you get 10x120=1200 Crom coins back by completing the BP.

Sure, if you can’t get the BP done in 3 whole months, they want your Crom coins :man_shrugging:

I understand the frustration of making a mistake. I understand wanting to blame it on someone else. But the truth is that the BP is ridiculously easy to complete, even without using admin powers in single-player. I’ve already finished the Chapter 2 BP two days ago, just by choosing which challenges to complete and banking my 10x multipliers for the ones I didn’t finish. I completed 5 BP levels per day, on the average, and that was no more than an hour of effort each day.

And just to underscore how permissive their system is, let me repeat that this game allows you to complete BP challenges by essentially “cheating”, i.e. by going into single-player mode and using admin powers to spawn and kill enemies, and teleport around the map.


I will say that this conversation reminded me of a topic of training that I recognized in chapter 1. Going through the challenges and leveling the battle pass is not enough. You must claim each reward (or the claim all button). If you don’t clan the rewards and the season ends, then you will not be able to get these rewards. You have to claim them.


I only paid for the battlepass after I had already completed it. One that happened I was awarded the exact number of crom coins I had spent to obtain the battlepass. As soon as the new pass came out I used those coins to purchase the new battlepass, so yes, what they said was an accurate statement. I earned exactly the number of coins needed to pay for the next pass, as long as I had completed the previous one (actually, you don’t even need to get the last couple of levels just the last one which rewards coins). Sorry, not sure if you accidentally spent your and don’t remember, or if something else happened, but what they said was definitely true in my case.


Here’s a funny thing that happened to me: I left the character-bound rewards (e.g. sorcery potions) unclaimed, and when the first chapter ended I logged in and found them all in my inventory. I don’t know if this also works for account-based rewards, though.

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My lord. Any idea how many people were complaining about having the battle pass done the first week?

IF YOU FINISHED THE BATTLE PASS. Whey does that seem so hard for you to comprehend?

Hell I had it done the first few weeks with out trying. Doing the same thing now, runnen along, kill a hyena BING. Stop and kill every one in site, and move along. By the last month an over whelming majority of people had it done. if they hadn’t I’m sure the forum would have lit up with grips about it.

It seems most here are trying to be nice. They know I’m not that guy. This is on you. If you didn’t play enough, or play smart and work on earning those croms, it’s on YOU. Time to except the responsibility of your inaction and stop trying to vilify the devs and play the victim.

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