The Madness Challenge

Welcome to The Madness Challenge

You know the rules, and so do I :doge:
So, @stelagel has been doing some ridiculous challenges and it’s been fun following them, but there I thought I needed something a bit more Hardcore because I’m a maso bored and the game feels too easy. Maybe I could get @MarcosC to try this for a bit as well?


No healing items, no aloe potions, no bandages, neither crafted nor looted :smiling_imp:
• No armor, you are naked, from start to finish :snake:
• No building, you are homeless, but a bedroll is fair game :catnobanana:
• No crafting stations, only campfire :fire: :thisisfine: :fire:

Server Settings:

:white_check_mark:PvP Enabled (for friendly fire, in case you wanna use followers)
:white_check_mark:Can Damage Player Owned Structures (for friendly fire on non-following thralls/pets)
• Friendly Fire Damage Multiplier → ×1
• XP Multipliers → All to ×10 :thonk:
• Drop Backpack on Death :thinkup:

• Corruption Gain Multiplier → ×10 :smiling_imp:
NPC Damage Multiplier → ×10 :notlikethis:
• Durability Multiplier → ×0 (no durability loss, yaaaay)
• NPC Respawn Multiplier → ×10 (won’t respawn for a long time if you’re in render range)
• Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier → ×0.1 (same, won’t respawn if you’re there)


• Slay every Boss in the game, all story bosses, dungeon bosses, world bosses.
• If you have Siptah, copy your character over there and do every boss and vault.

So yeah, basically everything will one shot you, so you better be careful, and dodge everything :doge:
Thankfully, you will level up super fast and your Legendary Weapons will not break :slight_smile:
Good luck. Let the madness and suffering commence :rofl:


I will definitely play :grin:. Thank you for fixing a challenge m8, i really appreciate it :pray:t6:. I am finishing what i do today for Winthor and i start tomorrow.
Don’t forget to update your progress.


I will definitely try it once I’m done with BG3. The problem is I tend to fall asleep playing it, so it might take me a while! :smile:
Great game, but too slow for my taste.

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Please fiber cloth , i don’t want to walk naked.

Imagine a purge on x10, it will be challenging i think.

Sorcery and alchemy would be nice. We need to change attributes and use corrupted perks. My thoughts only for the snake, nothing else, think about it and let me know.

Fine, I will allow it :catnobanana:

Harvest those potions from minibosses like Misha if you really need them :smiling_imp:

Ok if you really want that sure… But…

Use a Shield :rofl:

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Yes, i didn’t think a lot, in a fight that a boss will do damage x10, the point is not to touch you at all.
So now that i finished my other “obligation” i have a clean mind for this. Rockslide and snake will go out of blue with shields, no doubt about it. I see this challenge more of tulvar and shield than anything else.
4 perks in agility, 4 perks in vitality and 4 in grit not to accept more than 25% if you have a lag.
You need the bedroll and the campfire to have another pair of turvar and shield if something goes wrong in a fight, so you’ll be able to go back and retrieve your things.
Now maybe you understand why i asked years ago a bedroll with inventory slots :wink:.
The only real challenge i see here is the grind until i find 2 tulvars and 2 shields.
But i will happily do it, thanks again @SpherisCore, you’re my treasure.

Am i ok?

I made my start.
So far…

I couldn’t play a lot i was tired.
See you tomorrow :metal:

You and @MarcosC and @MarcosC have serious issues Love :heart: it I’m just not that determined or good. Have fun Gentlemen.


Conan: Dark Souls edition. That might actually be fun. :joy:

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You only drop backback, you keep your hotbar :+1:

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My first Legendary… Gonna do Winged Death and hope for Riptide :rofl:

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My dude, you forgot the Durability Multiplier in that screenshot
→ Turn it down to 0 so you don’t lose durability :joy:

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I never played actually this way, it removes totally the fear of loss in battle and you go in fearless making the battle fun!

I already have 2 of them :confused:, i really wish i had a momentum already. Dogde light- heavy, even with zero strength, holding a mace and a shield is a really powerful counter. Momentum would make it so much easier than it already is :laughing:.

I fix it thanks for noticing :+1:t6:.

Before the photos, why when we start a new character we always find a really rare crafter :man_facepalming:.
So far my progress…

After 4-5 times killing this idiot, I got DA JAVELIN :aaaaaa:

The ×10 Corruption goes really fast, but Rolling Thrust makes everything possible :slight_smile:
→ Gonna cleanse myself at Sepermeru and take on the world now!


Silver Mine / Scorpion Den, for the guaranteed shield.

This shield is super light, and protects from the cold, quite useful for a naked idiot like myself :slight_smile:

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Are we allowed to use hearts of hero?

On the way back, a little Rhino

Oi, nice weapon you got there… Well, not Musashi’s Black Blade but it’s okay-ish.

Dumb Locust behind Sepermeru :slight_smile:

Crowngrove Tiger N°1

And Crowgrove Tiger N°2

The Tortured King… Too bad I’m not allowed to use healing items you dumb skeleton :skull:

Rotbranch at the Circle of Swords (Got me a Tulwar :tada:)

The King Beneath, now I don’t have to worry about losing the demon blood I’ve been carrying this whole time :rofl:

Did all the Cimmerians at the Mounds of the Dead, hoping for them to drop a Star Metal Weapon, but nope :expressionless:
Guess the Golems in Kurak’s Lair are getting hit with a Legendary instead, lucky them :slight_smile:

So yeah, did the other Rotbranch at the edge of the map

I wonder how the hell I’m going to fight the one in the Shattered Springs…
No mask, no healing items, Sorcery Poison Immunity is one way but I want to try and find another way :aaaaaa:

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Yes of course, they aren’t healing items strictly speaking

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You delay a bit to answer and i did the whole unnamed city heavily corrupted :rofl:. My progress.