IDK if its ment to be like this but archers and crenelated walls

Game mode: [Online private ]
Type of issue: [ Bug , Other ]
Server type: *[ PvE-Conflict ]
Region: [ NA ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One X ]

Bug Description: Archers walking over/ through crenelated walls

In the past we were able to use fences and archers would work, then that got taken away. Now they walk over the crenelated walls. What or how am I to keep my base safe from invaders/purge if my archers do not stay up anymore. I have lost some already and all loot gone while i am away.
What now can i do to use to make it more Archer safe and keep my base walls safe from intruders?

I have them on guard area, NO Chasing, Attk Distance highest… Priority Range and still nope walk off to doom.

Steps to Reproduce: Put Archer on foundation put up crenelated walls around them and cause them to fight. They eventually walk off the area over the crenelated walls.


Hi @mellymew, thank you for reaching out, we’ve forwarded this feedback to our developers so that the current archer AI can be looked into and improved.

i sure do hope so cause i am getting tired of having to get new archers in my game.

I confirm the BUG crenelated walls, the archers now descend and are easy targets on the ground for the enemy or fall from their base and die.

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Worth adding: enemy / NPC archers also always back away and fall off buildings, cliffs and the like - and often teleport back up when you go down after them, making them harder to kill/capture.


STILL my guys fall off, again lost some to sabers in my area where they fallen infront of them for some reason chasing i guess. i have them set priority melee and still falling… Please Fix this issue.

Until they fix the ai, ive use building strategies to keep archers in place. Foundation, fence foundations around 3 sides then use the foundation drop method to lower the standing platform two steps, the crenulated fences are almost waist high then and you just box them in or something in rear. Im sure theres hundreds of building mechs to try, but yea if the archers have freedom they almost always choose to die.

Never heard of this way to build… How does it look?