Real Crenelated Walls please

Can we please get real crenelated walls? The current ones work for the cauldrons, but look ridiculous as battlements that offer only protection for knees and ankles. Maybe add half walls that we can place the current crenelatd walls on top of to make more proper battlements.


For aesthetic reasons only , not PvP .
Do know ,that if you put a Thrall Infront of a fence ,all the arrows will end up to the fence . Normally the archers should lean Infront of the fence before they shoot , but this demands more AI . This is the reason on PvP we use these walls-fences , you name it .
I live in Rhodes , we have an old town that it is rounded by medieval walls , with grand magister palaces etc …
Me ,above all I would love to have these fences :wink: .


Theres a mod called dudes delightful decorations that has those for one of his build set, if thats an option for you.

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I’ve used Dude’s before. I like it, but it’s a huge mod. Same with Glass Construction which has great crenelated walls and machiculations for black ice building. But even with those mods, we’re really restricted in our builds because modders can’t use DLC assets. I understand if they could, then modders could basically give away DLC stuff for free, killing Funcom’s income. So I really hope Funcom will help us out with this.

This shouldn’t be all that hard to fix I think something like this:

  • Place archer
  • Archer gets aggro
  • Archer checks direction
  • Archer checks if there is a crenelated wall in that direction
  • Archer position him/herself to that crenelated wall
  • Archer shoots with unique animations on the crenelated wall and hereby doesn’t shoot in the wall
  • Archer kills the creature
  • Archer returns to last guarding location

But maybe this sounds all too simple

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Another easy fix would be to have the crenelated walls like the Frontier stairs with railing. You can see a railing, but it’s not actually physical so you walk right through it. Make crenelated walls just look like they should, but not physically there so thralls can shoot right through them. Or give us half walls that current crenelations can go on top of, so people who want archers to shoot can just not use the half walls.

I’m okay with that idea, but sadly archers will still shoot on the small physical part of the crenelated wall
I like your suggestion on crenelated walls, but I’d like the AI to be addressed as well on this :slight_smile:

Maybe even add ports on the bottom for example:

Those are machiculations. And that’d be awesome too. Glass Construction mod has those, but their’s stick out a bit too far for me. The ones in your pic look great.


Dark Age Buildings Reforged - Split mod has a nice set of Machicolations and murder holes. Crenelated wall were the same look as the game’s version so I did not take a screen shot of them.

I do not have pictures of Dudes Delightful Decorations or Glass Construction and More mod versions of Crenelated Walls or Machiculations at this time.

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Never knew about that mod. Looks great and it’s WAY smaller than Glass Construction or Dude’s. I’ll definitely check that one out.

If only some building mods were allowed on official servers.

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