Improper representation of crenelation

why are the in-game crenelations not even to the proper height? if possible, could you adjust this to the correct appearance? Crenelations aren’t designed to ‘look pretty’ they’re designed to keep the people atop the walls from being shot by arrows. when the crenelations in-game aren’t even knee height, they’re useless. I know this sounds inflamatory, however as a fan of medieval castle design, i humbly request a fix, OR to have the crenelations stack atop fences to appear correctly within the game. I would provide a image for you to see so you can get proper perspective, however your forum disallows image linking AND photo posting to new users (INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING). if you need examples of crenelation on walls, i can provide several examples to show what i’m talking about, as they are there for function and not for aesthetic.

I think appearance was sacrificed for functionality.

The AI for thralls can’t shoot over the walls as they are now, but they can shoot over the low crenellations.

I would like to see walls with functioning arrow slits added.