Suggestion: Portcullis, arrow loops and machicolations


the title pretty much covers it, I enjoy building in most survival games and Conan exiles is no exception, I especially love constructing castles and was pleasantly surprised to see that i could make drawbridges and crenelated battlements (though they are a tad short to my liking) however, it was disappointing that other common and iconic castle features didn’t make it in.

Portcullis: large wooden or metal (sometimes both!) grates that slides up and down.

Arrow loops: narrow slits or crosses that allowed archers to fire out through walls.

Machicolations: a floor opening between the supporting corbels of a battlement, through which stones or other material, such as boiling water or boiling cooking oil, could be dropped on attackers at the base of a defensive wall

Make castles great again!


I’ve been looking for someone else to mention arrow loops. My pipe dream is for the windowframe building piece to work like a crafting bench, where you can station an archer thrall to fire out of the window in a reasonable arc and angle at hostile targets. You can stock it with arrows like the siege cauldrons and let him do his thing.

However, with the current mechanics, this would mean his life is now tied to the building piece. It’d mean having to destroy the entire station to eliminate the archer, but hey, why not?

Maybe make the the ‘arrow loop’ window piece have less health than the regular version?

At the least, it’d be a fun mod. Thoughts?


i like that idea a lot!

Nice suggestions! We definitely need some more ‘defensive’ structure pieces to protect our archer thralls.

considering they butchered crenelation, dunno how quickly they’ll add those. i’m still hopeful they’ll realize that their version of ‘crenelation’ is utter poop

this i really good idea. archer thrall are very poor form of defense… so window like “bench” that would cover the archer and allow it to shoot would be great. But i would not make it with les health since this would make you in fact really vulnerable

It’d be a trade-off for a protected, automated defense asset. You could always lock them in small do-or-die rooms to harden those sections, I suppose.

I do not imagine it to be a major reduction in strength, but enough to compensate for the protection your archer receives. Without some sort of balance, base walls would just look like Swiss cheese.

The key is to make ‘archer loops’ deadly in some situations, dangerous in most, and irrelevant in others. This way, you have to decide where best you want to place your archer loop pieces in the construction of your fort.


well put adding defensive building blocks would be great

Don’t forget murder holes. Also how about some cool wall defenses like cauldrons?

If we are getting into the realm of the good ol’ sword and sorcery fiction, maybe even triggered traps like false floors, gas traps, poison darts, etc?


False floors. secrete doors…

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Secret doors would be lovely in PvP as invaders have to search for your stuff while being harrassed.