Archers npc while moving back getting inside mesh and buildings

Game mode: Official online
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Pve-c
Region: eu
map: exile land

[Describe the bug here]
every archer npc in game, since the last update, while they moving back (this is their attack pattern, move backwards and shoot arrows at me) they just getting inside everything on their way, buildings, mesh, they just going through everything and thats many times i cant attack them and they just shooting me from isnide rocks, npc camps buildings or crom knows where.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. start battle with any archer npc at exile land map
  2. while trying to kill him, they just enter the fifth dimension and i cannot do anything about that.

I dont know how to record a video to show it, if anyone willing to help me how to do it without my potato pc will melt down I will add a video showing this bug.
before the update, the archers just moved back untill they they stopped becouse of something behind them like rock/building or any terrain that blocks them, but now they just going inside everything.

on pc with game running:
Windows Key + G opens xbox game panel.
upper left corner, you will see the controls to take a screenshot (camera) or record the game screen (if running).

click the record button (or memorize the shortcuts)
then use the ESC key to return to game

record the issue

return to xbox game panel to end the recording
After a few minutes, the video should be saved. you can use the xbox panel to locate the video on your pc.

upload the video to a suitable site. I use Vimeo. Other options like YouTube work, too.
Share the video link in the forum.


Edit: on my game, the enemy archers back themselves off cliffs tall enough to kill the pc while suffering no consequences. If be less annoyed if they splattered like the players do. after hanging out at the base of the cliff they teleport back to the top, only to repeat their leap of faith. over. and over.

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thank you sooooo much for your kind help!
I forgot to mansion im playing on pc so I will try later this evening to record this!
may crom be on ur side!

If you have a nvidia gpu, and geforce, you can also easy make video with it.
Still quality depends lot your machine, that’s a fact, but it’s for reporting after all, not a beauty contest. :wink:


I’ve made a thread mentioning this bug:

To sum it all up: since one of the latest updates (I believe 2.3?..), all NPCs that get cornered or pushed back will “ghost” and get through things. In the case of archers and others that use long distance attack, they will get stuck in the mesh and shoot from there. If they are melee, they will just get stuck. Also, before this, if you pushed back an NPC against the edge of a cliff, they would resist being pushed.
In the case of archers, they will fall off when backing away to shoot. Now, they will, as you just wrote, plunge backwards. This looks specially stupid if they are your archers positioned atop a tower, and a purge ensues… Just watch in awe as they fall from their positions…

I believe that these changes were done in order to mitigate combat cheesing. But, coupled with the undermesh problem, it backfired badly… Nothing broke this game for me so much as this issue now…

If they are going to keep them, at least make it so that your enemies suffer fall damage when jumping backwards from a cliff! :triumph:

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here is the link for my video, sorry for the poor quality is all i got.
the video as bit long but in the middle of it you can see the archer going throught the spikes wall.
they can go though almost everything if they want, that connected to their camps.
this is hapening with all camps.
as i noticed, stones they cant get throught.
Link: ConanSandbox (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5) 2021-05-10 11-30-30.mp4 on Vimeo


Thank you for the video provided @AstroPony and for bringing this up to our attention. Our team has been able to replicate the issue and we’re looking into it.


A workaround to deal with this until it is resolved is to craft poison arrows and fire them in the general direction.

We used to do this to deal with Purges when they spawned into walls and foundations.

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