Bug: Strange behavior from Archer Enemy

Hey Iggy,
today I testet the behavior from enemys. That tralls can fright trough your shieldblock was already postet, but I often saw a strange behavior from Archer Enemys.

They start to fight and after they got around 50% damage they stop to fight, turn around and go slowly away. That are just a few meters then they stop. If you come near they firstly do nothing and after you hit them they “remember” to fight.
I’ve seen this behavior multiple times today in different camps in the exiled lands, always from archers.
One of them seemd to “Call for help”, because after he stopped moving a Fighter came along and run directly to my position to attack me, while the archer didn’t nothing.
I play on PublicTestServer -EU-PvE Exiled Lands, Name is McDrain and the location was on different Thralls camps around Hand of the Maker.


Hey @Maeroth

Thanks for the heads-up. Just to confirm, the archers were near their initial “leash” position or were they kitted a certain distance?


They was in near of their own spawn point. The Archer in the Picture (his spawnpoint is at the palisades) run along after I hit him multiple times with my weapon, while I stood at first in near of the palisade and run after him as he didn’t attack anymore or went back.

Hey @Ignasis,
I think I don’t have the right words in english to show the strange behavior correctly. So I did what I could do best :wink: I cut the video scene and uploaded it on my channel. This video (01:35min) is not listend so the vid is only watchable via this Link, the strange behavior starts at 0:53.

Can confirm. I encountered this behavior numerous times on testlive.

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Thanks for the confirmation and the video. We’ve sent it to the team.


You are welcome :slight_smile:


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