Enemy AI weird behaviour (2)

This NPC stuck their shield up in front of them and refused to fight (hey, she started it :stuck_out_tongue: ) - when I moved round to the side, she kept the shield up in front of her but only turned her head - she made no actual effort to defend herself or do anything different while I slowly shot arrows into her. I was able to stop and take breaks (and take a screenshot). Her shield protected her from the front, but once I was round to the side it seemed to offer no protection, and her failure to turn meant that she was just a static target.

Seems probably related to the old bug of NPCs putting their shield up and refusing to stop blocking - I think that was another one that was fixed not long ago, which just adds to my suspicion that this patch is built on the wrong game version.

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I can confirm this and that is at some times in battle happening with followers again as of this Test live.

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I can now confirm that this issue remains in place in the latest version of testlive (it wasn’t mentioned in patch notes, so I didn’t expect it to have been fixed yet, just wanted to confirm that it’s still happening)

It seems that once an enemy NPC puts up a shield to start blocking, they just freeze in place and do nothing else.

I took my time getting the following screenshots, and there was around a minute between the two:

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