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Good afternoon my name is Eduardo, I play on the SA American 1998 PVP server with the name ICE, on the date of 07/02/2020 between the time of 04:00 AM to 06:00 AM, I logged off at the base that is in location 11 D specifically in the crevice, when arriving at the base the base was not rendering leaving my character unable to move, an archer that we left at the base was shooting arrows without stopping upwards, which caused the error in the game, I asked for help to the other clan players where everyone who logged out at that location was unable to enter the game because they were in an infinite load, I lost all my items including legendary ones, I managed to resolve the error by logging in with the account of another clan member named Clayton and went to place and managed to remove the bow from the archer which normalized the game, Funcom once again we were harmed, we played for the love of this game which is very good, please help us we want a roll back if possible, help us please. ■■■ ICE

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1.Archer in front of the base


We’ve relayed this info to our team and any possible issues with archer thralls.
Thanks for the feedback.


We encountered the exact same problem on server #1019.

NPC archer was shooting an infinite stream of arrows. The base couldn’t render. The only way was to approach the base from afar and remove the bow from the npc inventory. Or wait for the next server restart.

I’ll take some screenshot if it happens again.

2 of us were able to login inside the base during the problem. The game would load but without HUD and falling to the ground. Pressing jump was replacing the character in its originial spot then fall again.

I don’t think the npc was shooting something (like stuck inside some texture), because there’s nothing to shoot at in this location.

I’ll update tonight with more info. Maybe it has to do with the bow or arrow given to the npc.

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Thanks for the additional information. Any extra bits of info you might come across about this issue, don’t hesitate to share with us.

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I got the same problem while raiding someone. Jumped inside the base started to fight thralls but I died. Came back to the base but now the base was not rendering. I was seeing every thralls and player sleeping but couldn’t get close to them because of the collision of the invisible base.

So i decided to log off and back. But then there was an infinite loading. Actually not infinite but took me 15 mins to get in.

My friends came but they could see the base either.

After awhile, like 1hour, the base suddenly loaded. I think that’s when the archer inside the base killed my thrall.

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