It Appears Multiple Archer Activity is Affecting Rendering

Some enterprising soul has been kiting the bosses out of the Unnamed City to both my base, and another ally’s base right outside the Western entrance for a month or two.

My guess is he got tired of us making it hard on him, so he built a kill pit right outside the door. Good for us because our thralls are no longer dying.

However, while we were making use of his pit, seems like a fair exchange, the archers were shooting while we were bringing out the bosses. Multiple times the pit did not render, but the archers kept shooting. At one point, my ally was pinned to the non-visible walls and killed.

His body did not appear on screen to me or to him. As soon as the Red Mother was dead, and the archers stopped shooting, the pit and his body suddenly appeared.

At one point, he logged out to try and fix the problem, but he was unable to log back in until the archers had killed another boss. It was stuck on the loading screen.

I’m not sure what is going on, but that is as accurate as I can be on this.

I think it’s important to note that there were base rendering issues across the map that morning. The server crashed and rebooted and at least for me the issues disappeared after the restart.

Intersting, I just read this and have a related story. I had set up a base close to another base. Both of which had archers. I had blamed the rendering and very long load problems on the builds being so close to each other and one was fairly big with a lot of door frames. But the archers were also firing at each other. Just wondering if this is an issue? I removed my base from the area and made sure never to log off in that place again.

Hey @speedice, thank you for pointing this out, could you please also share a few screenshots and additional information regarding how many archers are present in the same area where the issue occurs, so that we relay it to our team for it to reproduce the issue?

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