Triple archers spawn


Game mode: private server
Problem: Bug

Just look at the pictures and note that i found 2 of them in my previous run.
There should be only one archer at this spot.



I occasionally see double animal spawns. I’ll kill a deer, elk king, whatever, and two bodies will hit the ground.
Extra meat!


yep, thanks to that i was able to gather an entire army of chicks archers in no time (knowing female spawns are pretty rare compared to the damm males) :slight_smile: .
Can’t wait to check if they are still useless in multi…


Playing on official server. It s very much widespread. Now i rarely see normal non Bugged spawns. And yes they are beyond useless. No action against enemies. IF you put them on follow then come back to the base they fall through the ground and die.


Yep, i remember having the same issue with all bearers/fighters that followed me to help carrying stuff.
This issue is “manageable” if your base is really close to the ground so they don’t fall from a sky scrapper to their doom, but if you built very high…well,it is as you said.


In my experience, they die even when only 2 foundations off the ground.
I had a base that had double foundation floors (2 high). My followers always died if they teleported inside there.

For another base I only used one layer of foundations. The walls were 2 high. If I went to the roof, my follower would die.


interesting…didn’t happen to me though.
I hadn’t expected that you guys were having your thralls killed from only 2 walls high.
This sounds pretty bad actually.
Anyway, i’m glad thralls don’t fall through buildings anymore on my multiplayer let’s play, because it was really annoying.