Archer shooting off into the distance at nothing

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: oceanic playing on American server

For some reason my archer thrall keeps getting confused and walking off in a random direction shooting arrows off into the distance when nothing is there, it’s like it’s aggro’d on to something far in the south

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take archer out to level it up
    2.get a few kills
  2. Archer decides to start shooting off into the distance and ignoring enemies close by
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Also I have tried resetting the archer back to his guard position and taking him out again but he keeps doing it, I reset the game and he done the same thing

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Hello @Tytan, does the issue still occur after the daily server restart?

Does it persist even if you engage in further combat with the thrall?

Would it be possible to share a video of the issue?

It appears a constant thing so far it has happened consistently over a few days and happens even if I engage in a new combat, I’ll PM you a video as soon as I can

I sent you a video to your PM inbox

This is occurring on Xbox as well. Mostly notice it as we are out leveling the archers. They are fine for a while but after a bit they just lose it and start firing randomly. We take them back to base and stick them in a corner so they can fire at the wall and grab a fresh one to level. Talked to a friend in another clan and he had lost building pieces from it occurring during raid time.

After reset they are back to “normal”, but we’ve basically stopped putting any good arrows on them for the time being and just let them fire the flint.

I had 3 stacks of star metal arrows on my main archer, all wasted

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