Archer not attacking properly or at all

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA NY]

[Having the thrall Freya follow me I provided her a better melee weapon and better bow and like other thralls to continues to cause them to not attack and only attack with the type of weapon they came with in most part if you for instance have a knock out club to a thrall that came preset with a spear they don’t use it but you swap back and they instead start attacking properly, however because of the recent change to archers to move in closer before shooting a arrow it causes them to walk to the target but by then they are on top of the enemy using a melee weapon and they don’t shoot even if they have the proper distance to do so, another thing to look at is increasing the range of when you can target as a thrall archer and actual player to better improve this.

However after this recent experience and incident I have come to my conclusion that the recent change to how archers shoot their weapons to require them closer is the cause of why the archers don’t shoot at all and in some cases they do but swapping the weapons to a better one causes the issue to make them not attack like normal and I have tried to swap back to the old weapons it doesn’t fix it like the melee thralls.

Some visual help showing she walked up to the enemy and oddly kept walking with the bow and never fired a shot and never even attacked the gorilla she was walking to even though that wasn’t the intended target or even a target that attacked me at any point.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.swap archer weapons
2.archer no longer attacks properly
3.swaping back like the fighter units doesn’t correct issue conclusion recent archer change to attacking distance is cause of this.

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You can’t switch weapons in the middle of a fight. It bugs them. Don’t let your thrall carry more equippables than the weapon you want them to use. By that I mean, if you can put it on your wheel to use, they will try to fight with it, including bindings.

They will look for their favorite weapon if you keep switching back and forth, so it’s best to equip well prior to a fight, and let them do their thing.

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Yeah it’s odd behavior. Hopefully they are still working on a fix. I had some additional odd behaviors last night with my thrall not wanting to fight at all. I think you’ve read my previous posts about ways to fix it, so I’ll spare you the list. Last night I had to give my thrall both her sword and the truncheon and let her choose. After she had her fill of skull bashing I was able to take one and continue as intended.

Never did it during I always did it before hand but it always seems to glitch them out now with the recent update to the AI. But I hardly carry stuff on them lately because they won’t hit a thing so I bring a camel. :rofl:

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Actually thay could help me I tried removing the melee weapon and give Freya only a bow but she’s not doing nothing she walks off like hey what’s that flower over there doing while I’m eating Gorilla Fist. :rofl:

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Ok well… I’ve never trekked with an Archer so the AI May be different but here is what has worked for me. Also sometimes a combination of the steps work. In all these cases you need to test till they attack and let them finish you can help but whatever you do don’t stop them by running away. If they want to kill thrall after thrall you have to let them until they are docile.

  1. Remove weapon they won’t attack with and give them the last weapon they had.

  2. Remove helmet and replace.

  3. Remove all weapons and let them punch people in the throat.

  4. Give them both weapons and let them choose.

  5. Remove both weapons and place the one you want them to use in their hand.

  6. Tell them to stop following or place them on guard and give them the weapon you want and remove and replace helmet.

It could probably be any armor piece I just always do the helmet. One of these usually kicks them back into gear.


Now do I do all this at once? :smirk: I’ll be sure to try this if it fixes Freya after all the crap I did to get her and the big bang of loot someone tried to use to lure me in even tho I didn’t want it and was damn sure it was a trap a wolf would eat me first and that’s nuts as it is. But she was a pain to get so I want to make use of her.

I usually try one at a time then move down the list. The one thing I do mash together is removing the helmet.

I’ll give it a try but it’s weird when they try to attack they get this weird feet twitching as they move.

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Hello @SabunoHakia, thank you for your submission!

We’re aware of a few issues with thralls and are currently investigating them, we’ll also forward the information shared on this topic to the developers.

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Archer ai is trash game been out over a year. Conan is a great game but these developers not capable making it run. If get too many pets and thralls game freezes so how you supposed protect your base when offline


I agree that there has to be a limit on PvC and PvE if not declassified as buildings so you can kill them. But I don’t agree that funcom can’t get the game to work I believe they are simply not coding in a proper format or something as one fix causes more which should not happen as much as it does. I have been considering this but I may try again at learning how to make video games and eventually apply for a job at funcom so I may help make this and many other games better I would be proud if I got to work for them as most companies would have just stopped trying to make it better and move on that and they truly care about the customers.

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