Archer AI issues

So after getting sick of using a less effective area to thrall level and of watching my Archers happily shoot at walls while I killed skeletons, I gave up and threw a sword on him and took him up to the snow.

Right off the bat, after we killed the 1st giant and I ran to the 2nd, I look back to see him swinging his sword at the air, standing in place.

Now I’ve leveled a bunch of fighters so far, and never seen this behavior, and I hadn’t taken this archer out since the days reset.

Was it a one time thing, or has anyone else experienced this on an archer using a melee weapon? If so, how does that fit with the dev stream assurance we were given that archer AI was no different than fighter AI?

Xbox official PvP server, both during raid hours and not, blah blah blah.

In the jungle at the forgotten city, my archers fire arrows into the nothing all day.

Try this, if you want to simulate the problem in a repeatable fashion:

  • Take your archer to the Cave at Shaleback Hollow. Keep her on follow, and allow her to aggro on the Demonic Shalebacks inside the cave. They can’t leave, she can’t enter.
  • She’ll sweep back and forth for an eternity, and unless she’s high-powered, will hardly make a dent on each of the three turtles.
  • Let this happen for about 5 minutes, or as long as you can stand it. Put her in park, let her fire on them, then command her to follow.
  • Take her to the Darfari village at Fleshtearer Falls and if she’s borked, she’ll refuse to fight, occasionally shooting across the river or into the sky at the cave.

Warning: at this point I know of no solution to this state other than server reboot.

I have seen both Archers and Fighters do this multiple times, not new, has been an intermittent thing for as long as I can remember (when they re-did the AI before release, I think?)

What I’m asking is, do you see this behavior in archers with melee weapons? Fighters with bows? Is it an archetype problem or a weapon type problem?

I have had my Bearer with a bow shoot to the heavens for quite a lengthy time on multiple occasions. Sometimes there was an enemy thrall that died and other times nothing. If you pull a weapon mid battle and swap to something different I have had thralls just stop but still move to engage an enemy.

The latest is I watched as all of my base thralls try to return to station after a purge and run into palisade where several died before I realized what was going on. They were dying from bleeding to death. All these things suck when you’re trying to level these thralls. It’s not cool but what can you do they are programmed to be ignorant and not pay attention. They don’t watch out for lava or height changes or nothing. :aaaaaa:

Seen with both, A/I glitch regardless of weapon or archetype

I had this issue before however I was on single player and had adim panel My archers were shooting at the ground and at the base of a rock it turned out that a vulture was near by and they did not have a direct line of sight but the bird was at a elevated position but because thrills can not climb and do not fully understand pathways they sat and shot at the dirt I picked up and placed the archers with a clear sight they shot the bird and all archers and fighters returned to their station and stopped attacking but I left came back and they did it again this time I left archers to see bird and did not have any issues after that. So I believe that archers or fighters are agrroing towards something but the can’t reach it like the bird on the large rock and thus they attack the ground and large rocks because they do have a way to get to an enemy thus their aggression towards everything resulting in them attacking the air or ground tested this many times and places. Hope that can help some of you

Something else since I am admin I can also ghost under the meshing and the attack points in the same place so my best idea is the is a enemy under the meshing or it could be a trigger or spawn point of enemies but on online multiplayer people building and placing things I can not garentee it will help on top of that our aggression is based off what we see and hear but a thrall field of view makes it so anything comes near themselves they attack it and we may not see it so with all that in mind I can’t say for surtain that what is happening but your follower has detected something nearby that it does not have a clear path or sight to it thus they attack air or ground however the thrall will face in the direction it see the object and you should try to head in that direction to find the problem but I can’t promise you will find it

Ohh, sorry I gotya.

Both my T4 Sherp Amzadi and my RHTS Fighter Starling have done this recently. One with wolves and the other at a Darfari camp. After killing all of the enemies, they both stayed in combat stance and kept striking the air or soil, respectively.

Happend in the previous patch too…Not that new and happens sometimes yes. Looks like reaction on something that is not there.

For example, killing a NPC and afterwards the thrall smashes rondom in air.
Bug, if you are lucky they will fix it in your life.

Legion warriors also keep swinging for the fences after killing everything. I just thought it was a variant of phantom limb…

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