Archer Follower attacks with arrow in hand instead of shooting it with a bow

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

I have a Archer Follower that is equip with Flawless epic yamatai bow and the complete Flawless Epic Yamatai Warlord armor set, follow by a few quivering arrows and razor arrows. Now she does shoot the bow, however, for some reason, she goes into melee with a arrow equip in her hand eventually. Checking her inventory does not show a arrow in the main hand or off hand, but when this happens she is constantly only wanting to melee with a arrow in hand and not shoot it, her armor and weapons are not broken or have low duarbility. She is a Archer. The only way to resolve this is to exit and relog into my private server. Think we need to do a Résumé check on her background and send her to refresher training in archery if she checks out.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Have a archer in the Yamatai Armor and weapon DLC follow you, she will eventurally go from shooting arrows to attacking with a arrow in hand.
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First, are some mod used ?

Then, don’t give to you archer different arrows, just one kind of.
Still look that there is a place free in theyr slots, do not clutter all full, or they can’t handle weapons and stuff correctly. This may be your problem here !
Remove some arrows. Not sure if thralls will use the new arror from the unnamed city. Razor are working, tested them, with hardened steel what i use the most for thralls. But don’t mix.


Thanks for the input. Only a few mods are used atm. Swift elevators, lighted bracletes, pickup plus, better thralls (to have more then one follower). When i get home ill see about having them use one arrow type and see if that helps. Ill test regular arrows by themselves and then see if the quivering arrows cause it as well.

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the issue seems to be reoccurring with the quivering arrows.


That’s a good info, don’t forget to let free places in theyr inventory, especially if you give them food for the buffs, meat may spoil, and also take a slot more.
If all slots are full, they can’t draw, remove weapons correctly, and it results in many issues.


Have you tried putting her bow in her hands and filling all her inventory slots?

Try dragging the bow to her weapon slot, then put food in one slot and arrows in all her other slots.

I’m just suggesting a temporary workaround, it sounds like a bug to me.

Best of luck !


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The issue seems to be just me equipping them with quivering arrows. If i equip any arrow besides that i rarely see the issue happen. As for filling the inventory. Not really seeing how i can do that. I move the bow to the hand and it goes back to the inventory. I fill up the inventory full and cant put items in the hand because there is no open inventory the error message says.

Don’t fill it up !
Give them bow, the secondary weapon, some arrows, and maybe 1 slots with food for the buff. And that’s.
What else want you all put in theyr inventory. Sure they’re unable to remove weapons so, and will act strangely.

I’m sorry, i am not understanding what you are saying. If i fill up the inventory i cant manually equip the weapon in their hand because when i do it just instant returns back to their inventory. If i fill it up then equip the bo2 then i get a not enough inventory space error. You mention conflicting things so i do not know what you are suggesting.

Still let a free slot.
It’s normal behavior that thralls unequip the weapons when not in fight. They shouldn’t not hold them in theyr hand when not fighting. This is more a bug than a feature.

But let’s say, for an archer, you give him a bow, in his inventory, not in hand. A melee wepon, also still in inventory, then some arrows. What depends your level and what you can afford. Put a stack, drag some arrow you want also on his bow (so bow is equiped with the arrows you want).
Then maybe add some foot, depends all if you want the buff or not.

Stop ! don’t fill all resting slots with stuff.
And no need to give the weapons in theyr hands. They will draw them when needed, and remove them while relaxed.

Hope this is clear now. :laughing:

@MDic, I find it odd that your thralls immediately return their weapons to their inventory, but I must admit not using archers at this time.

My melee thrallls will hold their weapons for some period of time before returning them to inventory, leaving me enough time to play around with their inventory contents, even transfering armor to inventory then equipping. Difference with archers, perhaps?

What is more likely is you are trying to put a bow in a different weapon slot than the one that can accept it. Try equipping in both slots, upper and lower (as I do) and see if one ‘sticks’.

I defer to @Vattende, though since (s)he has much more experience than I.

Good luck !


Will give it a try later. Thank you

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I agree with the melee ones, mines act just as you described. Its just the archers doing it one in a while now whenever i dont give them a few quivering arrows.

Yes, my fighters also will stand around with the sword in the hand after a fight for a while, then they “mostly” remove it in inventory.
But this changed lot with the patch. Hard to say was is intented or not really. But like i see it, and experience it since EA, they should unequip the weapons after use. How long after… that’s here the question.

While archers still act like thralls mostly did, and immediately remove the weapon (bow) in theyr inventory. Fighters now have a delay before doing so. They’re still working on the AI like you know, so this may still change a bit over time i suppose.
But unequiping weapons is normal behavior, they shouldn’t stand with them around all the time.

The quivering arrow problem described by MDic may be an other issue here. Didn’t not test with these arrows at all with thralls yet.

It seems odd that one weap slot will accept a weap and not the other slot, but to add to the confusion, I can place a two-handed pike in one of the slots and it remains there for a time.

Why would a bow be different from a pike? NFC (no clue).

That would make me think it is limited to archers.



Note to @Vattende from another post, I am in steam/game now. No problems.

Like said, i think the slot itself makes no difference.
But the delay, how long they hold the weapon is now different from fighters to archers. Not sure if intended, i think not really, and it may still change and be adjusted.

For Steam, don’t worry, it’s an ol’ beast. Sometime i can connect with alt-account, but not with the main. They did maintenance. Just before, i could join my server, but not reach a singleplayer session. That’s Steam. All is fine right now, at first glance. :wink:

Good deal.

JMPO, if archers cannot hold a bow for a bit of time after combat ends, or is placed in the weap slot, I would consider that a proper bug, and this is my reasoning …

If I want to farm iron, for instance, and want to keep the rock, I want all the slots available for storage since I end up over-encumbered halfway through the nodes. I still am over-encumbered when returning to base, but I get 13 pounds more of full movement.


So do you think what i am encounter may be a actual bug then? Or is it a thrall issue?

Yeah, i understand that very well. Who doesn’t know the “you’re to encumbered to run” speach ? But fighters, archers are not pack-mules, and filling them up like this may end up with bad acting archers and fighters when it comes to an ambush on the road. So a choice.
Some pets would be more helpfull in this case i think. Or a bearer.
Check out some pretty bearers around Seper, you could get a very happy surprise ! :wink:

Or a camel ! I have one named Toe.

(apologies, could not resist, must engage brain before typing)

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