Archer Followers Don't Shoot

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [US]

My clanmates and I noticed that if you have an Archer Follower following you they will stop firing arrows and just stand there with the bow out. If an enemy gets in melee range they’ll pull out their melee weapon and attack but once the bow is out they’ll do nothing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get Archer
  2. Set Archer to follow you
  3. Fight enemies
  4. Eventually they may stop using the bow

Yep, and honestly neither the enemy archers are working so good:
they shoot until you manage to land just one hit, just one. Then they start walking slowly around without doing basically nothing.

Hello @Irkalla, thank you for getting in touch!

We’ll register this issue for the team to look into, do you recall if it only happens after they engage in melee at least once?

in fact they have an ia problem since last update when in follower mode.

they can now engage in archer mode one target, the first, but once target killed they are totally lost, and shoot in ground or engage invisble enemy.

this is what happens if you provide them only one bow.

to make them work better you have to give them a bow and dagger, in this case they can still engage second target in archer mode and their ia is not broke. but if enemy close they will engage with daggers, than at one point dodge and resume bow attack.

so problem that i saw is when an archer only has one bow and nothing else, he will kill first target and become totally lost, either doing nothing, or shooting in ground.


Im actually having the reverse of this problem. My archer engages an enemy. Then once said enemy is dead, she continues to waste arrows firing at nothing. But she is not shooting at the dead enemy. Now i notices this in the jungle where all the buildings are sk im assuming she is trying to shoot something inside a building or up on a cliff that i cant see, It annoying having her waste all the arrows ive made though. And running away doesnt help. Once she ports to me she turns around and continues to fire still.

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Mine has a melee weapon. And he’ll use it butb once he’s out of melee range he just stands there with the bow out.

I think it happened after he was in melee combat. It does seem to affect enemies too. I’ll see if it happens again when I get on.

My buddys was doing this the other day while we ran the wine cellar, it kept trying to fight things outside the dungeon, my buddy had to unequip the bow, have the archer finish a melee combo with his fist on an enemy then making him warp away and giving him the bow back, infact that fix seems to work most times whenever a thrall is standing around doing nothing, and watching you get beat around in a bully circle! Hope it helps.

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