Thralls move after server reboot/are not at the same position anymore

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

It looks like thralls are not exactly at the same place after server reboot.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Was running to one of my outpost, which has 3 archers on triangle ceiling pieces
  2. See that 2 of them are at ground and one is way behind - so no one was at the place before.

I will upload a screenshot and will go check my other 2 outposts where I have archers positioned like that.

Screenshot and view from side. Archer was on top of triangle ceiling piece and now she is in ground.

And NO, she cannot run there, as there is a closed door at the triangle.

Great, one Lissa Longbow at lvl20!! MY ONLY ARCHER AT LVL20, respawned at SPIKES and died before I was at my mainbase…

And another RHTS-archer was on top of foundations and suddenly she was down?!?! She was guarding? How can she come down from a 2-3 foundation high platform?

Best thing currently for PvE, is to remove ANY spikes at all… Who knows where thrall will spwan after server restart…

The game was sooo bugfree for several months.

She was standing at top of these triangle foundations and looks like she spawned at the top of the spikes…

But Lissa died already yesterday… Was only for a short time online.

Yeah, I’ve experienced that too. I’d had few archers on the balcony of my base, but when they saw an enemy target below them, they started running on the spot (because there was no exit for them from that balcony ) and lo and behold, they just teleported right down and then killed the enemy target. That wasn’t the worst thing that happened though. After that they tried porting back to the balcony I guess, but instead they ended up inside the base foundation lol. And now I can’t get them out it, don’t know what to do, cause I don’t want to destroy my base :crazy_face:

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Yeah, I read some other bugs… So its not like the thralls are at wrong place after server reboot, but guarding thralls can now teleport too??

And they can even teleport themself on spikes?

Edit: And it seems like there is NO guarding command to prevent their stupid behavior… Well, time to remove some spikes :smiley:

I suppose so :grinning: Better take them down until they fix that. Mine were on “attack” mode with 30 meters range. If I’d known that they would behave themself that way, I would have left them on “defend area” mode for good :laughing: I just thought that they would attack any enemy target that would pass by, like prior the update. They are clad into God breaker’s gear, so it would be sad to lose it.

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