My Thralls run away and dont return to there post

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]

(i haven’t tryed to reproduce this as i haven’t had the chance but i think its happened twice cas 5 other thralls from earlier ran away from the same wall area.)

my thralls on the inside of my wall run around the wall (its not finnished) well targeting enemies that the archers shoot but once they get to were there going they dont return they stay at the body and even if i use the move command and put them back where they were they run to the body?

Steps on how to reproduce issue: a large wall with a long path around it
2.put a fighter (nord something i use) and an archer on top of the wall
3.have an enemy on the other side get shot by the archer
4.the fighter should run into the wall for a bit then path around it
5.try move the fighter from its end location.

on imgur “/a/nfd9X7E”
image of wall + thrall in original position “X” marks its end location where it locked and would keep running to but i cant find the first one know shes just gone idk where

Hi, I have also experienced this a lot on official server. A server restart resets the thrall to it’s original position. If you toggle ‘follow’ on and off before moving it again, it should also stop behaving like that.

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I encountered something similar.

There is a walkway/bridge leading to my base and it is 3 foundations wide and on either side are those fences.
At the end of it I put, as probably every sensible player, a large Gate.
Right at the corner of the gate frame I put Nordheimer Thralls left and right, so the are covered by the gate when opening from the inside.

Those thralls start to move towards the middle of the gate for some reason, do not go back into their position and blocking the gate effectively when I try to re-enter.

I can interact with the gate any way I like nothing happens so I have to put the gate back to inventory to get into my base.
Now I replaced them, because it got annoying since replacing them just works for maybe half an hour.

Also I never saw anything, not even a wolf, approaching them

i think they need to fix there pathing for my wall cas i found them trying to path out of my render so the one that went round my wall was just sitting up the mountain. maybe if they allowed us to set there max distance from there post or there aggression radios.

How long are you saying guys?

Once a thrall is “alerted” and moves from his spot, if you try to move him, he will go back the alert spot. Once the thrall goes back to his normal mood, they return to their placement spot. This is normal, are you waiting long enough?

I agree, they are sometimes unable to get back to their placement spot because of building layouts.

idk i came across the thrall still standing there 5 mins later
i also noticed an archer tring to kill the air (with melee) though so maybe its just my games broken XD

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In my case they are not in the alerted stance at all, there is nothing drawing them to aggro as well.

All the way on the bridge I go, on each side, thralls lining up like in a parade and it just affected the ones right at the gateframe, so those from the far point all others were in position.

Looked funny since, despite being placed face to face they ended up standing back to back.
Nothing gamebreaking, probably just a collision thing with the gate.

For me actually I have been amazed how sometimes they do find their way back to their original position despite the complexity of the base, but when the issue arises that has been described here, I think it is the trigger to normal mood which is simply never given or received, they stay there until the next server restart in my case.

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ok so telling them to follow and stop then moving them works but if you dont do that no matter how long you wait and what stance there in they will return to the body thats going to be a problem cas i cant constantly move all my thralls back to there position

This sounds like the same issue I experienced, with the archer thralls rushing to stand in the doorway and refusing to move. I am not sure how long I should’ve waited for them to return - in the end I waited maybe five minutes with nothing happening, then I moved them back manually, though this didn’t really work until after several client restarts. I guess it’s possible the client restarts didn’t actually do anything, except pass enough time.

It’s just extra difficult to efficiently file bug reports when you have so many bugs layered on top of each other - there’s Archer thralls going into melee (dumb AI), there’s the slow reset to original position (would probably be ok if that was the only issue), and in my case I also had the “you have too many followers” message pop up when trying the follow/stop follow workaround, even though I had no-one following me. This persisted until I restarted the client (I had to restart for each thrall). Then there’s the probably unrelated “passive NPCs” and “passive thralls” bug, as well.

Compounded, they just give the feel of an utterly broken system, and it’s hard to know where to even start.

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ripp out the whole thing after this months update and re work each unit (fighter etc) with a better system. it obviously doesn’t work and there trying to pump out more content without Finnishing fix’s for what they have. i want pets as much as the next person but i want them to work and i want thralls to work its better to have a little working features in the game then a ton of broken ones. there just adding more content that will have more bugs digging them self’s a bigger hole. i hope they pump out alot of bug fix’s (im new to this game just started this month) but from what iv been told thralls never worked properly

They did work, and worked well. A few issues such such as falling through the floors or vanishing off the end of your rope, other than these environmental issues, the thralls did guard, attack and fight very well before the MOAP.

Same with the mobs agro issue, they always did agro very well before the MOAP.

Personally, I think that the DB can’t be written to/read from fast enough and as each tick goes by, not all the info is processed leaving the mobs and thralls unable to respond, hence they just stand there perfectly still. When there are fewer players online (less data to crunch), the mobs agro as expected.

Fewer players doesn’t help the trained thralls attacking however, this must be caused by another issue.

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What you are saying is basically what everyone is saying, they need to stop adding new stuff until major issues with core mechanics are fixed. Looking at the weekly newsletter, I do not see them acknowledge this however. They did work acceptably in the past.


I don’t propose to know exactly how it works on the server, but this seems unlikely. Unless it works on a “best effort” basis where the server processes what it can up to a limit, then just discards the rest. Which I suppose is possible.

But unless that’s the case, surely they’d eventually aggro - maybe not on the first few ticks, but at some point. That’s not what I’m seeing at all though - they either aggro immediately (when they work), from quite far away too, or they don’t react even if I dance around them in a ring singing rude songs about their mothers.

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I see this behaviour too mate, nothing about this bug is consistent or reliably repeatable. I don’t envy the people who are trying to fix it.

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No, me neither. Intermittent bugs to a complex system, that might or might not relate to server performance and varies on how many are online at a given time, and what they’re doing, is about as annoying as it gets to bugfix.


I’ve experienced this on my SP game. I have a base built as close as I could get to the original Black Hand “ship” camp in the desert, and some of my thralls will take it upon themselves to go out and kill the rocknoses that are in the area and others even go so far as to wander around the Black Hand camps occasionally “helping” me when I go there to capture thralls. “Helping” is in quotes because they’re using lethal weapons, so having the NPC you’re trying to capture stabbed to death can be a bit frustrating.

All that said, the ability to have your thralls patrol an area is an idea I like, I’d just like to have some control over it. And having my thralls be hyper aggressive is preferable to being completely passive like they were for a while back in early access.

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