Guarding folowers/thralls jumps the walls in combat but dont return after

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When a guard aggro they jump the wall, windows and maybe walls. And egage in combat. (if that is good or not its up for another topic) but after combat they offen get stuck and not return to therplase. spec if its no open path back.

And maybe sometimes they fall off when the house spawns to, several times i have found thralls standing outside the house they was plased in. And have also lost several thralls and guess its caous of that that they just stay and bean killed off.

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  1. Step 1 Have a thrall on a platform or in a bunker.
  2. Step 2 Let them agro
  3. Step 3 Se whats hapen when combat ends
  4. Etc. The lodong part i dont know

A solusion can be that they just teleport back home direct after combat if they cant find a path home.

Hmm thralls do not return a lot of times, sometimes even guard a location which they shouldn’t be able to reach.

I had a sandreaper inside one of my towers when I placed them outside half a year ago and one got himself on the top of one of the towers

Every time they get aggro they attack creatures, but eventually do not return to their guarding location

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Gonna have to name the wall phasing thrall Shadowcat

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The point whit the outer defens is that the mobs shud not be able to enter the base so when a thrall jump the walls they are stuck outside to die unless they teleport back home.

Had the same issue yesterday.
Purge incoming, after the fight two thralls were missing, I thought they were dead. But they were still shown on the map…
My base is at a cliff and while going down with the elevator I found both standing on a ledge in the middle of that cliff. One of the thralls was positioned inside my house, so I have now idea how they got there. ^^

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