Guarding Thralls not attacking Players

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:
When you place a thrall or Animal to Guard(behavior Guard area or Attack Everthing) it doesnt react on a enemy Player. Not even if the Enemy player hits the Owner of the Thrall or even the Thrall/Pet self. They only react to other NPC Threats

Bug Reproduction:
Just have Thralls/Pets and a hostile Player

Greetings Fledermaus!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding your thralls.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please provide us the following details:

1 - Are you playing on an Official Server or Private Server?
2 - If playing on a Private Server, are you using mods?
3 - When has this issue started occuring?

Thank you in advance!

  1. We are playing on a Private Online Server with PVP on.
  2. We dont use any mods right now.
  3. The Error occured since the beta version of the 3.0 Patch on the Testclient.
    or if you mean “when the error occur in the actual Gameplay?” then…well when u place a Thrall/Pet to Guard and a Hostile Player comes near to your Thrall/Pet or the Player Does an action (for example attacing the thrall).

We playing the 3.0 since the release on the testclient and even there this bug was there. I waited on purpose untill the release because i thought the bug may be fixt in the released version.
Our may problem is that with this bug the Thralls and Pets are Pretty Useless for Guarding on a PvP server, because they completely ignore other players.

Sry for my bad english but i’m German and English ist not my main Language.

Something similar happens on official pvp as well after raid hours. They left their horse SCOUTING in our base and we could not kill it,
It teleported safely home…
Normally we was able to kill Thralls/Horses when we defeated the owners and the thralls/horses was remaining as scouting. (Normally Thrall can not teleport home as long as it takes damage - needs 10 min without receiving damage to teleport home)

Thank you for your feedback Fledermaus and Provokatze23!

In that case, could you lets us know if this issue is happening with specific thralls or have you verified it with many thralls throughout the game?

Also, is it possible for you to send us a video replicating this issue please?

Thanks in advance!

a Video is a though thing, I dont have that technic but maybe i can figure something out this weekend…but it happens with every thrall or pet. it doesnt matter with one.

sry cant figure out to make a video. but there you wouldnt see anything special, just a player aproaching a thrall that not doing anything. even if the thrall is ordered to attack anything

This happen on playstation, too

Don’t worry Fledermaus. Our team is already aware of the situation, also given the report of other players, and their are currently investigating it.

Thank you once again for reporting the situation to us!
Continue conquering the lands!

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