Bug Thrall disappeared after restart

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

My thrall with my stuff disappeared after your restart. I want it back!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. I walk into forrest before restart, I saw the message and I started to search for a safe place
  2. One minute before reetart I set my thrall to guard next to me then I disconect
  3. When I connect back after 2 minutes is not where supposed to be, close to me
  4. I searched him a while around and on the montains but because I couldn’t stay too much I went home, where surprize? It’s not there!!! It’s nowhere!!
  5. I am sure he didn’t die because he have the best armors, weapons and 7k life, I don’t think it was deleted so don’t take me with *hit lies and fix it!
    Imagine my disappointment for this game I spent money, in this time, while you read and see my frustation because I searched the forum and created an account just to read this with hope that I will get my thrall back.

Hey @Roveji

It’s possible that your thrall headed back to its designated home starting point, which is the last one it was set to guard.

I know you put as step 2 that you set the thrall to guard next to you before you logged out due to the server restart being due … but have you checked at the location he was set to “guard” prior to that.
I ask as another player reported his thrall that he had set to guard disappeared and turned up at the place he had put him to guard before that. Basically the game didn’t register the new guard position properly but had assigned to return to the prior guard place … a bug yes but hard to reproduce.
As your thrall has valued items on him it’s worth hunting for him. I hope you find him.

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Sorry for your loss, @Roveji. I have experienced the same thing with a pet.

In my case(s), once he was set to guard on a foundation and disappeared. I put down a pet feeder and he was listed, so someone on the server suggested I break the foundation. Voilà, there he was.

The other time was not easy or had good results. I lost one in the wilds. The first trick did not yield results, I carried a feeder along my path and set it down periodically to no avail. So I stared at the server event log and found that he had been ‘killed by an NPC’. No other clues, so I was out of luck.

Replaced him within several hours in a pen while I gathered/crafted “Spot’s” contents and named him ‘Spotless’.

Sometimes I lose, sometime I win, but everything is replaceable !

You may try the two tricks above and I hope you find him :smile:

Regards and best of luck



Did you check the event log to see if he actually died? If he didn’t you should be able to find him somewhere.

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Along the same lines, but with thralls, not pets …

Had three T1 and T2 entertainers who helped me knock out Mei at the Pagoda. The two T2 thralls cannot be found, but I am getting 10 stacks rapidly of ent buff. Not really concerned since I now have two T2 ents cooking.

They must have been knocked into the nearby foundation and I am not willing to break those now. I may later because I want their armor and truncheons back. I will wait for server restart and see if they pop out.

By the way, have you had any luck ?



Set-up a thrall pot, and look if they show up in it. You can ever move it around if your base is on the bigger side.

I did that, thanks, but forgot how many thralls I had really. I think they went poof because I only see 1 T2 dancer and I had 2. I may have placed one T2 since then :blush:

Good idea. They were as localized as possible with the minimum distance between thralls on servers. I miss being able to stack pet hyenas in one little clump.

Regardless, they were throways, easy to farm and only had a truncheon on them. The next set (cooking) will have full Lemurian medium armor, steel truncheon with advanced blunt mod. I may get upset if they get pushed into a block. Really, though, anything is replaceable.

Thanks !


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That’s why, in earler levels, i hunt often npc’s camps for thick leather, just to stuff my thralls.
Thralls are best still in heavy armour. While for myself i prefer mostly light, or medium, for thralls only heavy is really the thing.

But of course, for this, a good armourer, and thick leather is a need. But now with the new spawns, camps are a good place to get early stuff. Also steel of course.

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