Thralls dissapearing

Game mode: Official server #1046 PvE - g -
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

For 2 days in a row now my Thralls seem to disappear into nothingness. I am 100% sure I ‘parked’ them in my base in the same designated spot I have for thralls that I use. They both disappeared and they don’t seem to be dead or if they are it doesn’t show in the logs. What is shown in the logs is ‘Janos owned by … has returned home.’ the same with the other thrall that disappeared the thing is they never left home they were in my base when I logged off and even if they ‘returned’ home from somewhere they are NOWHERE to be found. My base isn’t that big so it is not an issue of me not seeing them or finding them. I also got back to the locations where they were told to not follow or guard in case they are there but that was not the case.

At this point I don’t know what to do and honestly I don’t feel like level up thralls yet again just to lose them to some bug :expressionless: can anyone assist me with this issue by any chance? Is there an option to call them back or spawn them somewhere ?

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In this case a thrall which was following you was not placed to guard, rather you just select “stop follow”. Then the thrall will return to his last place you have set him in guard mode.


Did you park them near any huge rock formation? Mine tend to go inside rocks and then appear when an enemy is near.

Greetings Frika. Although I am a ps4 player, it sounds like both you and myself (others too) share a common issue here. You only noted that you ‘parked’ your Thralls. If you are certain that you only told them to ‘stop following’, then Mikelei’s explanation likely rings true here. However…if you did indeed tell them to ‘stand guard’, and they disappeared when you next logged on, then it sounds like you have a similar, if not the same issue as myself.

Frika, if you think that you fall into the later category then I request that you come over and read what I have posted in my thread below, and tell me if that sounds about right. Also feel free to add in a post if you wish to do so.

It’s a common problem for people who don’t know how thrall functions work yet.

Guard - will park your thrall permanently.
Stop Following - will cause your thrall to stay temporarily, but return to their ‘Guard’ spot after a short amount of time.

This is why you will sometimes find thralls standing around in the middle of nowhere. Someone set their thrall to Guard instead of Stop Following and now they can’t remember where they put 'em.
Where as if they simply told their thrall to Stop Following it would have returned home on its own.

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