Disappearing Thralls?

Game mode: [PVE | online]
Problem: Thrall disappeared after game crash…
Region: [USA]

Don’t know how this happens. But today for some reason my game crashed. I was outside my base with my thrall at the moment of said crash. When I logged back into my server. My thrall gone just vanished from the world. In game event log said nothing of it dying. However the event log says it returned home???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just have a thrall following you must be tier 4 named thrall.
  2. Wait for game to crash don’t worrie it will.
  3. Log back in after crash.

When you disconnect the thrall goes into scouting mode, after a few minutes it will “return home”. “home” is the last guarding position the thrall was placed at. if you remember where you left it to guard before the disconnect, go there. the thrall should be waiting for you.

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Yeah you’re right I found it up on the ridge near my base. Although I still think they should make it. That if the Thrall is set to follow you it should stay by your character.

this is subjective. in some situations you would be very grateful that it was designed the way it is but glad that you have found your thrall. happy endings are always good :slight_smile:

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