Bug report: disappearing thrall

Game mode: [Online | pve server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Oceania] Official server #2947 Pve-g-portal .us xbox

Carrier thrall disappeared.

Carrier thrall left inside walled a doored base overnight. When logging in carrier thrall has disappeared. Contact with npc creatures is unlikely. Removed foundation to see if the thrall had sunken bellow floor and searched immediate vicinity without success. Carrier thrall was a lvl 3. Was loaded with 800+ iron bars etc.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.place carrier thrall in base on scouting stance
3.log back in approximately 12 hours latter

What does your event log say?
If you told the thrall to “stop following” you but did NOT use the “guard” command to lift the thrall up and put back onto the ground … then after a short time (maybe 10 minutes) the thrall started into its programmed “return home” behaviour… and it returned to the last place that you had lifted it up and put it down using the “stand guard” / “guard” command.
The event log will record the thrall if it executed the return home function - if you set the search area to maximum 10 000 then that covers most of the map.
Sometimes the game glitches and doesn’t remember the last guard place so you might find them at another location where you had set them to guard.

Thank you kwalya. Looks like the thrall took a wander back to a previous set to guard location. I was unaware that they had a a return to last guard point destination script. :+1:

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