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So I’m posting this question and I really need to know if it’s at all possible because I’m an admin on an unofficial pve rp server. So my big question is, is it possible to build an Octagonal shape in Conan Exiles? Every time I try I wind up either with a circle or a hexagon but I really need to find a way to build an octagon or my city/ raid dungeon build idea is goin to go up in smoke. For my plans to work I really need an octagon so if any expert Conan builders out there know of a way to accomplish an octagonal platform using foundations I would really like to know because this build is going to be probably one of my biggest builds yet.

Thinking about how you’d start the structure (from the center outward) I only know that the max number of sides you can get with a build and have it symmetrical is 6 (being 6 wedges in a circle. I’d have to test. You can always just try stuff since you’re the admin.

Being an admin doesn’t change the fact you’re bound to square and wedge foundations and ceiling pieces. The only shape you can make are square, rectangular, hexagonal and any combination of these 3.
But it isn’t always easy to mix different shapes to have a coherent building. I learned it when I built a 5*5 keep with a round (hexagonal in fact) tower at each angle. I ended with a lot bigger building than expected.

Two ideas: It is actually possible to build regular twelf-sided structures. And then to use only eight sides …like four pairs. Or you build a square structure with additional points between each corner.

maybe this can be of help?

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That´s what i mean

If the ring is to big, use a smaller one!

Thanks this and your other comment about twelve sided figures helped the city I’m building so far is only about 1/16 and it’s already massive.

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