Help! Pentagram shape?

Hey guys, ive been trying for some time now but i dont seem to get it right, im trying to build a building in a pentagram shape, is this even possible and if so does anyone have tips on how to get it… ive been trying (and also looked on the internet to see if someones built it) but cant seem tonget or find it… any help would be much appreciated!

hey montana1 here is a video on youtube you can follow : pentagram style base

and here is (not pentagram but hexagram ) I did in 4h in solo

have fun :wink:

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The simple answer is of course no. For pentagrams you need 72°, if you manage to combine the Pythagoras-mod (45°) and with skill you can add 30°, and maybe the LBR-mod but still…


Depends. It’s mathematically impossible to build a regular pentagon in Conan Exiles, because the only interior angles we have available are 60 and 90 degrees. With that, you can make:

  • triangles (internal angle of 60°)
  • squares (internal angle of 90°)
  • hexagons (internal angle of 120° = 60° + 60°)
  • dodecagons (internal angle of 150° = 60° + 90°)

A pentagon needs an internal angle of 108°, which can’t be obtained by adding any combination of 60° and 90° angles together.

Having said all that, if you don’t need a regular pentagon, you can probably settle for an irregular 5-sided shape :wink:


Huh I just posted a discussion asking if anyone knew if it was possible to build an octagon and then I saw this and my question has now been answered. Also I looked into a pentagram shape for a base once and was only ever able to a Star of David shape but that’s mostly because my builder OCD kept kicking in and I ended up trying to make it symmetrical. But as to my octagon I was wanting to build well it looks like I’m going to have to build a massive circle platform for my city build.


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