45* triangle ceiling/wedge & foundation (horisontal)

I’ve played Conan Exiles due free week on Steam. And liked it a lot. I’ve bought the game & inspired 2 my friends to do so & join me on my private server. We are enjoing this game. But still it have a lot of things to do to make it better.
There already was a suggestion about this thing a year ago. But if feels like it was just ignored…
Here is the thing:
This game allows players to build huge variety of different buildings/constructions, but in same time it is very limited. Mostly if players want their building to looks good they are limited to build quad shape constructions, or they got to create something ugly…
The triangle ceilings/wedges & foundations in this game limiting players and doesn’t allowing them to build huge amount of things that could be built. The shape of triangles doesn’t allows to contact it with few regular quad ceiling or foundation near. By simple logic I do not understand why developers made it like that while there is much more simple & much more flexible solution. A ceiling/wedge or foundation that is half of common ones cut by diagonal.
Just adding 2 new building pieces (horizontal celling/wedge & foundation) or modifying old ones will improve game experiance and will make building mechanic much more enjoyable. Also we already have those in game. BUT THOSE “Sloping Walls” ARE ALL VERTICAL . =(
P.s. I guess also new proffesion in Feats should be implemented called Bridges with different variety of bridge types(hinged bridge/floating bridge/bridge supporting foundations/constructions.) We would be very excited to see this in game… and be able to build as well.
p.p.s. too bad that I can’t post screenshots. B’cos it is a pain to explain something like that w/o showing.

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The reason for choosing the current shapes is simple geometry: a wedge with three 60° angles has three sides of equal length, which means a square foundation will snap onto every side equally. A triangle with a 90° and two 45° angles will have a longer hypotenuse, so you couldn’t attach a square foundation onto all sides equally. so in fact, it would be less flexible than the 3x60° triangle.


Funcom has officially responded to this popular player request (45degree ceiling/wedge & foundation) in past posts about it
… basically they considered the number of building pieces they wanted to make during the development phase
… and decided against the 45degree foundation piece and all the pieces that would be required to allow players to build with it (ie ceiling tiles, walls, door frames, fence foundations, fences, roof pieces)
… due to the number of extra unique pieces that would need to be made to build with it on top of what we have for the square and 60degree triangle shapes.
Partially I think because the pieces they’d need to make to fit on the 45degree side would have to be unique as they would not fit on the foundations or 60degree wedge pieces.

sure they Could have made them; but they decided against it.

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here is why…would have to have to have double the building assets for the bigger sized blocks that would attach to the 45 degree triangle. Green is current. Red would be the new pieces. notice the size of the foundation? makes a huge difference in assets on the game, plus sorting through and making the right sized anti climb and walls.


you cold get away with something like this, but one side of the triangle (red line) would still need at least a crenelated wall, wall and ceiling type tile for honeycomb builders that don’t like foundation stacks.



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