Foundation and ceiling "gap fillinng" pieces

For all those times when you have wedges in your buildings and you need to make a rectangle floor connect to a rounded floor. Let’s make a building piece that fills the gap. It would be like pouring concrete in that odd space between foundations. Right now, I am using wedges and jamming them in where I can, which makes a fairly walkable, but extremely ugly floor. Then I toss rugs on it to hide the ugly.

I would think these pieces should also provide little stability to the structure, so for best building integrity, we would naturally have to plan for all the standard pieces.

If not this, then we need more wedge choices.

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Unfortunately Funcom has pretty much ruled out making more building shapes … there has been many requests for a right angled triangle that would fit against the squares.
The reasoning behind this decision is the exponential complexity of making the number of additional pieces that would be needed for each base foundation shape so people could create buildings with them …ie for each foundation shape you need walls, fences and roof pieces that will snap to them and to all the other connecting pieces.
I hope you understand what I mean by this …if you’ve encountered the roofing problems of complex building I think you might … the little quirks that you have to place roof pieces in a particular order or they simply won’t snap onto another part.

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I totally get it for the roofs and I just want floors fixed. I want to have a big plaza area, all paved, where multiple buildings, of different designs, can live together on the same unblemished paved floor area.

Walls will only be placeable on edges of the normal pieces. These odd filler pieces will not have placeable edges on their own.

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there are ways you can use the current triangle pieces to make a decent looking transition between square buildings without have the sharp 90 degree connection and also between circular buildings and square buildings … I need to summon @Mikey as he put up some diagrams of these in a post a long time ago in a discussion another player made about getting more triangle pieces.

I think it is sensible that funcom does not release floor pieces only … they would be under constant criticism for providing pieces that can not possibly make a complete building. You might want to fill out that flat plaza without walls now … but what happens if you find it’s purge vulnerable and you want to make it taller and enclosed for more protection … that’s when you need the rest of the building pieces … Funcom knows they can’t release only part of a set.

Not that I wouldn’t welcome more shapes myself … it’s just that the Funcom team has considered it during early development and settled on this set and have indicated they are quite firm on that decision … so I advise finding aesthetically pleasing paving with the blocks we have been given.

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