New foundation building piece required

We need a foundation piece that allows us to properly connect wedges with the normal square foundations.
In many situations you wind up with large gaps because the two really don’t fit together.

I’d be happy to include pictures if required but i think anyone who has tried to angle a section of a base floor that’s not the very edge should know what i mean.

Some Screenshots

You can create angles as long as you place them correctly.

I would like to see screenshots to understand exactly what you mean though.


I think rather than a new single piece the real need is for one of these building games to finally give us a dynamic version of the normal pieces. Built an exterior wall around an area following the natural terrain and get to the end and it isn’t wide enough for a full block then insert the dynamic version. Running a round tower or bailey along a wall and can’t quite finish the walkway because the triangle off one block doesn’t meet the side of the next one, insert the dynamic version. In short all of these building games such as this, Ark, 7 days to die, even minecraft are all built off a very generic “lego” style of preset shapes to make things unless you are the developers in which case you simply draw the thing in an art program and add it as a placable asset. I’m not asking for that level of customization but frankly a stop gap would be the ability to place dynamic versions of the current shapes that will snap to fill the available space, regardless of if that requires the block to stretch or compress. And this could all be locked behind a toggle of current blocks or a new dynamic block.