Building system update

So after trying to build with those half triangles, and when i was forced to destroy T3 buildings for them i started to figure out
Maybe its actual possible to add following items

  1. Actual triangle foundation not only wedge
  2. more options for roofing - i mean like invertet slooped roof but on other side… i wanted to make turanian style home but to be honest its looks like lego more than round turanian home…

Next about possibilities

  1. there is fences - make it possible for us to make them also on sloped walls, i hate to make all PVE-c or PVP bases like cubes because cant add fences on sloped walls… ( all need to be maked in one level).
  2. connection to main foundation - when on main foundation zone ( claimed land ) player can see grid that says if next block who is not connected are in one line with main base to avoid not synced placement

Can you provide a screenshot for this?

One example on easiest wall - fences are not climbable but on corners like this with sloped walls they are not placable

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Would be good. Then you can also put fences on stairs.

Even if you could place a fence there it wouldn’t help.

See the bottom of this post:

The easiest fix and probably the best as well, would be to replace double jump with something else and simply make it impossible to do. Im not even sure that sloped fences would work against it.

The wedge foundations are actually very nice and a good design, the moment you figure out how to use them correctly. I, as many others I guess, is pretty confused about them in the beginning. But now I think they are genius :slight_smile:

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Can you explain this? Wedge foundation is a triangle, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

its not triangle, well by math it is but its not…

In this image ( i ttry to explain )
Black are cube sandstone example so to make for example maproom we need like 2 black cubes, then 3 wedges ( Red triangles) then again 2 black and etc.

I want build home that actually can connect without using university math calculation when i try to build 35x35 home when, when u use like 2 black ones in line u cant go back straight to connect end with start because anyway how i tryied i could not make them to connect dirrectly, one foundation was always out of correct path when i use red triangles as in screenshot. So when in game would add Green ones, foundations then its easier to calculate when and how to build that base is not only one BIG cube, because with this triangle type u can go easier and connect actually start with end.

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Oh, thatthingagain. I’m gonna have to make a post to explain it and then just link to it, because it’s starting to get old.

Funny you should mention math, because that’s exactly the problem with the right-angle triangle piece. The wedges we have are equilateral triangles, meaning that all sides are the same length, and that’s the same as the square side length. Let’s call that length s.

If you add a right-angle triangle block, two of its sides will also have the length s, but its hypotenuse will have the length s×√2. Nothing could snap to that side, because all the other pieces – foundations, ceilings, wedges, walls, doors, everything – have meshes and textures that were created for the side length of s.

Having a foundation on top of which you can’t build anything else except that same foundation is useless. So Funcom would have to add a new variant of all the other pieces, such as walls, doors, etc.

First of all, that’s a lot of work – new meshes, textures, blueprints, etc. – so they probably wouldn’t do it just based on that alone. But the problems with the idea don’t stop there.

Imagine having two variants of every single building piece. For example, “Turanian Wall” and “Turanian Wall (Wide)”, “Aquilonian Frame” and “Aquilonian Frame (Wide)”, etc. It’s a usability nightmare. Ask anyone who’s used the Frontier building pieces how many times they made a mistake and built a window instead of a wall or vice versa. That’s because the item icons are extremely similar. The same thing would happen with all the pieces if they had a “wide” variant. And on top of that, you have people on consoles, where there’s no search box in the crafting menu.

Fortunately, it turns out that you don’t really need the right-angle triangle, because there’s so much you can do with the existing pieces beyond simple cubes. I mean, if you don’t believe me, look at all the entries for all the building contests Funcom organized.

Here are some additional building tips:



:100: again. Both is pretty annoying and from time to time I just drink a yellow lotus instead of a bestial to reset my feats WITHOUT learning t3 buildings again. It is quite annoying for pvp if you have to scroll about 20 seconds till you’re at the bombs in the crafting menu

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Guess you have to get used to it :smiley:


I would suggest that you watch this video, this guy have build some huge castles and show a lot of ways to work with the blocks to achieve various shapes and forms. I think you will find it very useful.

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Even after getting adjusted to the redundant triangle piece we have now I’m in agreement. Even if there’s another guy in here that wants to keep writing it off I am still in agreement that an actual proper connecting corner wedge would do builds wonders. It would definitely be a ton of work so I doubt we’ll ever see something like this, however I will agree. Triangles that exist now are counterintuitive, and I’d really like to see them either changed or coexist with a proper connecting piece like you described OP.

So that is where those images are from? Awesome!

Also, here’s a suggestion @Muelee made, for a new piece that would allow an even greater variety of builds, but without introducing non-standard side lengths:

What images? the design ones he have in the video?

Yeah, those are being widely copied and circulated in various tutorials on the Internet :slight_smile:

Good idea

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