New building block

I think a building block like this would do wonders as it would allow you to convert from square foundations to wedge foundations. Obviously there would need to be an inverted one as well.


Another thing that would be useful would be an awning pole extension. Basically the part marked in blue, could then be used to close gaps, like shown in red.


Also it would be nice if pillars could snap to corners of blocks as well. Like shown in the image, it would give a lot of flexibility. So this should work for both ceilings and foundations.


PS. Just forgot that a quick hotkey dismantle button would be very useful when you just have to clean up things :slight_smile:

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As much as this sounds like a great idea they wont even consider it.

In a previous DLC they talked about how they don’t want to created new pieces because then they have to go back and update all the old content for every DLC.

Basically saying they don’t have the time or the team to do that. IMO its holding the game back.

Ok, but that seems to be a bad excuse, if that is the case. Stuff like this help improve the game and make it better. So it might not be on the very top of the list of things to do, but definitely should be done at some point. It also make people more interested in the DLC if they can see how nice you can make things look with them.

call the caterer, does anyone have the numbers for pve vs pvp???

It’s actually a very valid reason - that one initial block shape you proposed would mean a ton of new assets to get it to fit. You’d need either 2 separate wall pieces that are both shorter than the walls available now or a singular 90-degree corner piece with irregular sides. Then you would need to make one for every tier of building material. Add it all together it quickly balloons in the amount of meshes, icons, and the memory footprint it takes up in things like the crafting menu. It’s a small addition but all the stuff that goes into that one small thing quickly adds up to a lot of hours of work and all the cost associated with that.

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Yeah, that suggestion keeps popping up. I doubt it will ever get implemented and I sincerely hope it doesn’t, because geometry. Fortunately, there are so many things you can do with existing pieces.

And it’s not just the memory footprint and the resources. Having two kinds of walls (and other such pieces) would be a usability nightmare.

I don’t know what platform you’re on, but if you’re on PC and playing single player.
Admin mode has Ctrl + shift + delete which will dismantle the entire building the reticle is pointed toward

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It has two hotkeys. Shift+Delete will dismantle the building piece or placeable the reticle is pointing to, and nothing else. Ctrl+Shift+Delete will behave exactly the same if the reticle is pointing at a single building piece or placeable. However, if it’s pointed at the ground, it will dismantle all the pieces and placeables in a radius.

Apart from dismantling building pieces and placeables, these also kill NPCs, with the same behavior (single for Shift+Del, single or radius for Ctrl+Shift+Del).

But it would be really, really, really awesome if we could get Shift+Del to work without admin mode, with all the limitations the current radial menu action has: it has to be a building piece or a placeable you own, it has to be within the interaction distance, etc. It would be so much easier to dismantle stuff using that instead of going through the RSI-inducing radial menu.

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I find it strange why you wouldn’t want something like that implemented?

The examples what people have made doesn’t seem all that complicated to be honest. Not saying they are bad or anything. but they seems rather straightforward to make. So to me at least that block would do wonders.

I left links in my reply. They’re formatted in blue and you can click on them. They’re there to explain things I’ve already explained multiple times, without having to type them over and over again. If you want to know why I don’t want something like that is implemented, feel free to visit those links and read what’s there :slight_smile:

Those are just examples of some techniques people can use to achieve different shapes. They’re not necessarily finished works – you can check out the winners of several building contests Funcom organized if you want to see some truly stunning finished works.

Im a player on a server so don’t have admin rights. And i tend to build rather big :smiley: This is some examples:

I build the castle on the left and the whole thing leading to the big keep on the right.

This is from inside the keep

This is a small altar for mithra I made.

And now im in the process of building a small town, there is actually a huge palace behind me :slight_smile:

So whenever you figure out that you build something wrong and have to remove like 60-100 foundations it would be very useful with a quick dismantle.

Looked a bit more into it and tried out some examples, and you are correct. It is not as easy to make a another block that would really fix a lot of things.

Even though I still think such block would be very useful :slight_smile:

Yeah, I feel ya. I would love to be able to build an even greater variety of shapes :slight_smile:

There are many additions to the building system builders would like, and seem simple enough to implement, but I guess the actual programming is much more difficult and a lot of work. Even the existing system is unfinished, for example the new stability of the triangular roofs…

Your new tile, essentially adding half of a triangle, would sure be nice, but it adds 2 new lengths to the system, the height of the triangle and half a sidelength. So we need 2 new walls etc. And imagine if you add a normal square to the slightly shorter side (2 new walls, stairs maybe) - new problems, new stability issues, if you think about ceilings.

The pillar to corners idea is wonderful. Everybody wants that! And I have seen it in builds on youtube. There is this half-length trick with stairs/pillars. Advanced Building Techniques


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