Suggestion or clarification about roofs

Ah, ok. In your picture I saw many wooden fences… But still, you could do this -not climbable:

We tried that, people still got in unfortunately.


I guess multiplayer is tough :zipper_mouth_face:

People are very creative when it comes to breaking in :slight_smile:

I wonder how they managed that. I never managed to get past that setup – not if it’s done the way @Muelee showed it, with only one wall of vertical difference.

However, if you can afford to use foundations instead of walls, you can place fences on both levels and avoid having that gap.

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Well we had one from the server test our fences, and he could pretty much run on them or jump over them and its not hard. Its hard for me to show it live :smiley:

But you crawl to here:

And then you spec double jump and the moment the fence push you off, you jump on it like this, its not difficult.

As you can see im standing on the fence as well.


Oh, double jump! No wonder I never managed it :smiley:

Thanks for the tip.


That proves how OP double jump has become. You can stand on the spikes without taking damage! I’ve seen videos of double jumpers going up anti-climb walls. Maybe @Community can use this image. Man, I’ve been looking for that one pic that can be included here in the forums.

I’m still scratching my head over no damage taken while directly on the spikes!


I don’t even know what the point of double jump really is, does people use it for anything other than breaking into bases or “exploiting” the game?

I haven’t done a lot of pvp, but I really don’t see how double jump would be better than some of the other attribute bonuses?

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I believe it is part of a light armor build centered around daggers. @Nimos


This is not exploiting. This is actually close to “real”. Used to be able to not even use double jump to circumvent the unaligned anti climb. They for some reason expanded the hit box slightly on fences (as well as made them back side without the spikes do damage???), thus made it to where you had to use double jump to execute the move. If you really look close when trying to climb between the gap, smaller toons actually never touch the fence. So again, not an exploit. Also, the steps may make it easier as well, as sometimes the game allows you to grab that mesh and ignores the fence. Hatch doors are like this. Best way to stop this is to just build even. Find the highest point you will need, and ll walls need to reach that height.

That is what we ended up doing to the base in the end, as you can can see in the image above of the castle. The wall some places is 12-14 foundations high to make it even all around the base.

And to me that ruins a lot of the building flexibility, and rather than encourage people building more interesting things, they end up wrapping everything into horrible chinese walls, because that is the only thing that really works.

And to me they probably chose the worse solution of valuing double jump over the entire building system.

I have done some more pvp with some people that seem to know what they are doing and none of them ever mentioned double jump as being a viable pvp spec, not saying that it ain’t and can’t never be. But the impression I got, were that for pvp that is not what you go for.

But even so, there are many ways to keep double jump in the game without it ruining how you can build.

One solution could be to say that you can only double jump if you have your weapons drawn, but that you can’t drawn them while falling.

Another solution could be, that you can’t double jump for 1 second after having taken damage from a fence, as that would make the fence push you off and before you can activate the double jump you are too far away to jump on it.

Double jump if it should even be there, should be a feature that benefits the player in regards to the environment.

And having pushed it to the very last attribute level, makes you feel like it is only there for people that want to bypass or “exploit” the flaws with the fences. Because personally I haven’t found any place in the game where I thought to myself “Ok, i need double jump here, that is the reason they added it”.

Furthermore it’s pretty clear, at least to me, that fences were added as a feature to the game, to prevent people from simply climbing into each other bases, because otherwise there would be no point in building walls in the first place.
So if the fences purpose is to prevent this, but they at the same time allow people to stand, run and jump over them, then I would consider that a flaw in the game which can and will be exploited.

It’s sort of like the same lack of solution they have done with the walls with windows. What is the point of using them if people can simply loot through them? Which means that you can only place them at points where people can’t loot anything or climb to. There is already glass in the game, so they could fix it without hardly doing anything, make a copy of the windowed wall even using the same model, and call it “Wall glass window” or whatever and copy the collision detection from a normal wall. How long can that take?

Same goes with the drawbridge, very cool idea, but why on Earth can’t the owner/clan open them from the outside? they are pointless then. Add an invisible door at the point where it is fully opened and just make it trigger like a normal door, if they can’t be bothered to copy the functionality from the elevator.

Then you have wedge roof pieces, which you can’t climb on, but there is no issues climbing on a normal roof, again it makes no sense, that you can’t climb on a roof?

Adding all these things together, my best guess is that, they got the building system to a place where its mostly working, but they never fine tuned or cared to complete it, or maybe they simply just gave up. Most of these are small changes that would make them work as intended or be useful and it wouldn’t ruin the game, it would improve it.

And instead of keep adding new dlc, fix the current ones and the base game first. Because most of the walls and foundations etc. Are simply copy/paste from the base ones with new skins on.

Maybe we could equal it out a bit without attributes for the double jump. There is: that could have expanded functionality like double jump.

Yep, just enshrining a feature from the attributes to a legendary item.

The problem for me, is not that double jump need to stay in the game. Its that it is useless in regards to pretty much all aspects of the game, except ruining or exploiting parts of the game.

Again have you ever found yourself in a situation in the game, where you thought “having double jump, really gives me some benefits here”? There is no dungeon where you need it, there are no rare materials (as far as I know) where it is needed. Even places where you might have issues getting to, you can just build a few foundations and keep your normal spec. So why keep it in the game?

Yes, while breaking and entering another clans base lol. I mean we could say that with survival 4 perk. Do you really need immunity to poison if your are puff piece 1 shot health wise anyways?

And i have watched some players handle themselves well with double jump spec while being pest during group PVP. Attach bleed/poison with venom daggers, then double jump away, tank cleans up after you. so as for solo, yes it is minimal usage, but in group fights/raids, it is useful.

Now with that said, a simple solution is just make triangle sloped spiked fencing so one can block that hole.


So as far as I see it, the first solution I suggested would fix it so the building system wouldn’t need to be changed, right?

One solution could be to say that you can only double jump if you have your weapons drawn, but that you can’t drawn them while falling.

Yet it such a simple solution, as most people if falling will try to grab the cliff or the wall anyway, rather than drawing their weapons. So yes you wouldn’t be able to drop down on someone while drawing your weapons in mid air, but that would still be better than ruining the building system.

Yeah, but my impression is that a lot of people have suggest this for a long time without any solution. Think someone mentioned that FC had announce that they wouldn’t add any new blocks, because they couldn’t manage/bother to update the dlcs and base game, because that would be to much work. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. But given the fact that these issues still ain’t fixed and a sloped fence haven’t already been added could indicate that its probably true.

As far as I know, Funcom actually outsources the DLCs to another company. So it’s not just the amount of work that stops them from updating the DLCs.

However, you’ll notice that this didn’t stop them from adding new building pieces to new DLCs, without updating previous DLCs to have those same pieces. For example, the arena set came with vaulted ceilings, and they didn’t retrofit older DLCs with those pieces. And when the Argossean DLC came out, it had vaulted ceilings too, so those can be used by those of us who wanted vaulted ceilings in Aquilonian architecture :wink:

The point of this long-winded explanation is to outline a possible strategy: add a sloped fence piece to the base game and to the future DLCs. That way, everyone has access to sloped fences through the base game, and those of us who love building so much that we’re willing to shell out money for new DLCs will get a variety of them.

They’ve already established that they won’t be updating the DLCs, so I think the strategy above would be accepted by the players in the end, despite how much we love to complain on the forums :smiley:

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Agree, I think people would accept it, if it were added to the base game and future dlcs. But again, I can’t help think that the strategy they are laying out for the game is like: “Lets bring it “all” the way to 85% cool and completed, that will be good enough for players will accept it.”

It’s like giving up just before the finishing line, each time :slight_smile:


It’s been 3 years. Over the course of those years, they haven’t much deviated from “make it acceptable”. Expecting that to change at this point is kinda like expecting my 70+ year old mom to learn how to properly care for her computer…

I don’t know about the rest of the people, but I decided to be happy about the good stuff they add and push them to repair whatever they break as much as I can, and to keep doing that until I stop caring for this game :man_shrugging:

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