Wedge Stability Broken

Game mode: [All]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [All]
Region: [EU]

The problem consists of multiple issues:
Issue: Wedges supply a much smaller range in ceilings than normal ceilings.
Cause: Wedges sap the same stability as other ceilings. but need two wedges to cover the same area (and not fully the same distance)
Suggested Fix: Wedges should only sap 10 instead of 20 Stability. (Even 15 would be a welcome improvement.)

Issue: Wedged Roofs only are not possible, they do not connect.
Cause: Wedged Roof Tiles do not connect on their sides as they should.
Suggested Fix: Let Wedged Roof Tiles connect on their sides. OR, Version two, let Inverted Wedge Roofs connect with their downward tip to corners. And do not forget the different angles that could be necessary

Issue: There are no roof corner Tiles for 60° Angles, and connectors for these angled roof (wedge building style)
Cause: You didn’t implement them
Suggested Fix: Implement them. Can’t be too hard to mash the existing ones together to form them.

Issue: Inverted Sloped Walls do not snap to Wedge Roofs / 60 Degree Angles. This prevents several building options.
Cause: Wedged Roofs do not Snap to their sides. Invertd Sloped Walls cannot be snapped to 60 Degree Angles from where they snap.
Suggested Fix: Implement more possible Angles for those Walls.


ad 2) Suggested Fix:
Another possibility would be to implement Rhombus formed Tiles for Roofs (and possible floors), which would be very easy to make probably, as they could consist of two triangles snapped together.

Hey @Deus-X-Incognita

Thanks for the detailed report and additional information provided. We’re forwarding it to our team so they can look into it.


Great post.
And the above fix for wedge tiles is just logical.
It should have been how they operated from the start.
The Exiled Lands Improved mod has fixed this I think but it should be part of the vanilla game.


Thanks a lot for the reply, a fix for this would save me - and some people I know a lot of building frustration.
And probably increase the beauty of some buildings.


Yes please!

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