Can't you PLEASE just fix the sloped walls?

Game mode: every
Type of issue: bug
Server type: all
Region: all

you STILL can’t place another wall on top of the left sloping inverted walls…
Copy the code from the right sloping walls, and be done with it… this has taken over a YEAR to fix, and it simply can’t be that complicated…

A LOT of the players are builders, and this is perhaps the best builder game out there, BUT you do not care for the building bugs that’s been there for AGES…

Now, hail Yog and GET TO WORK, or may Set place his spawn in your toilets, and put glue on the seat !!


All kind of BASIC building parts have to stand undone til you get your S*** together…


This is just 2 examples for the base I am in at the moment, but for more than 1500 hours I have been playing and building in this game, and I simply LOVE IT, BUT I am tired of having to make all kinds of unelegant workarounds to get the simplest of buildings together…

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I second this! Also, can we get the corner stairs and ramp pieces fixed so they fit in place again?

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Yes please.

Also, I feel that all wedge shaped pieces should only lose 10 stability.

Eg. I can build a square ceiling with no pillars 8 pieces wide. But a round one only 6 pieces wide.

Either that or give us a 60/120 deg rhombus.

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Well, for that matter, wedge shapes should really cost half of the square ones, as they are excactly half the size, according to basic geometry…

And, yes, the right amount of stability lost should be 10, as to let a standard doublerow be as solid as a square row that is even a little bit broader…

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