Argossean Inverted Wedge Sloped Roof Bug

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Hi, I’ve made towers with a cone shaped roof which consists of this pattern: first row - 1 sloped roof >1 wedge sloped roof>1 inverted wedge sloped roof>1 wedge sloped roof, second row - 1 sloped roof> 1 wedge sloped roof.

Using the tier 1 thatch materials it worked fine but when I’ve started upgrading the inverted wedge sloped roof looks like its going to snap but instead comes up saying failed to place building but destroys the already placed inverted wedge sloped roof and the wedge sloped roof it was attached to on the second row. Both wedge sloped roof pieces on either side of the inverted are on 80 stability.

I am able to replace the destroyed roof pieces with thatch again afterwards but still won’t let me with the argossean roof pieces.

Sorry being a new user it wont let me upload images to show.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a tower to allow at least 2 levels of roof (mine is currently at 3)
  2. Place your roof tiles in the pattern described above
  3. Upgrade all the sloped roof pieces
  4. Upgrade the wedge sloped roof pieces on the first row of roofing
  5. Upgrade the inverted wedge sloped roof on the first row, which should fail and destroy that wedge and the wege above it.

Since your description is not 100% clear, maybe I am wrong:
They wanted to increase the stability of Inverted Sloped Roof Pieces, but as of now they only did it for the Tier 1 pieces, so the TierOneInvertedSlopedRoofPiece has a higher stability than the others! It essentialy can stand on its corner, and the others are jealous :wink:

Sorry if its not clear, first time I’ve submitted a bug report.

Not sure what you mean, I think the stability is fine as it relies on the 2 wedges which are both at 80? I can’t see a reason why it shouldnt work but would be easier to explain if I could attach a screenshot :slight_smile:

The requirements necessary to post a screenshot are pretty low, 10 minutes, read X posts, stuff to keep spammers away. If you’ve read enough posts you should be able to post them now.

  • A picture is worth …

If not and should you be able to use a file sharing site, you can break up the URL so it is not blue in preview, and someone here can reconstruct it.



If by wedges you mean Sloped Wedged Roof Tiles, they don´t transmit stability via their sloped sides (which bugs me a lot). If you mean flat wedges connected to the horizontal side of the InvertedSlopedRoofs, then I am wrong…

So, the InvertedSlopedRoofs need to be connected to a flat ceiling or wall with their horizontal edge, except the T1s, they can get stability from their lower corner.
If you upgrade the latter, the lower corner gets no stability anymore, and falls down.
The intuitive way would be for these Inverted Tiles to get stability over their sloped sides and it would be nice, if that was implemented. Right now the rectangular Roofs are much easier to handle…

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Oh right sorry. I didnt realise they don’t connect via the horizontal side :man_facepalming:

Its the tier 3 Inverted wedge sloped roof tiles that I’m having issues with though. Tier 1 works fine, I’ve just tried tier 2 and that doesnt work either.

@Muelee Thats brilliant, thanks for explaining! So this isn’t a bug? It doesn’t make sense to me that it works differently for each tier.

Sorry all for the confusion, thanks again for all the help :smiley:

Yeah, it doesn´t make sense, because it´s an incomplete hasty improvement. I can imagine fiddling with the building system is a complicated work, but maybe one day…

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