Bug with inverted wedge slopen roof

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foundation + wall + slopen roof = at the end add ceiling
all good and work imgur.com/a/YE8dnwN

But it start work strange when i try to make it with wedge

3 wedge foundation + 2 wall + 2 wedge slopen roof … and try to put between them “inverted wedge slopen roof” = and at the end add ceiling
i can make it only with thatch (inverted wedge slopen roof).
dont work with any another inverted wedge slopen roof. (black-ice,khitan,wooden,aquilonian… )

Can not put ONE inverted wedge slopen roof between TWO beside wedge slopen roof Unless it is from thach material.
with thatch work normal, with any another material - doesnt



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I had the exact same issue and the odd part is that even when you manage to snap it, even if you add a supporting wall underneath and a supporting ceiling snapped to it, the inverted ones keep collapsing on server restart. It has sufficient stability to stay but it won’t. Glad I am not the one going crazy here.

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