Size of the structure blocks, Right triangle foundation

I guess, these kind of blocks would allow people with creating interesting stuff even further. I had so many problems when I just wanted to smooth the endges of square building, but not in the way that Isosceles triangle allows.

Also, it would be quite nice to have a feature to at very least create a less wide stairs, like 1/2 of size. It just kills me when I want to create a small tower and it just becomes wide because I have to create a decent way to climb it, aside from adding the staircase right on top of it (if the tower connects to the main bulding)

Hope you guys will do something about it, really. Love you.

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The problem with the right triangle foundation is its hypotenuse. Right now, you have a square foundation and an equilateral triangle foundation, and both of them have the same side length, let’s call it s. The isosceles right-angle triangle foundation that you propose would have two of its sides with length s and the third would have the length s×√2.

That means that you couldn’t snap anything to that side, because all the other foundations, all the walls, doors, ceiling tiles, roof tiles – all the building pieces are made to fit the side length s.

Of course, you could ask Funcom to add a duplicate of those building pieces, so you would end up with a “wall” and a “wide wall”. I’ll let you guess what the reaction would be from both the devs and the players – especially console players who don’t even have a search box.


If only we had a half piece rather than just a wedge that forces building in angles.


Well, we already have a problem with flood in crafting. Like, it won’t change it much, they still have to rework crafting.

I disagree. I think it would make things much worse, because it’s not just a quantitative change. It’s not like adding 3 more DLCs and now you have many more pieces. It’s going to add ambiguity.

Right now you have different kinds of wall, but they’re all either different tiers or different DLCs. Sure, it can be time-consuming to find the wall you want – especially if you don’t have the search bar – but at least it’s not confusing. You won’t accidentally make a Frontier wall instead of a Turanian wall.

Now imagine duplicating that. Imagine you have a “Turanian Wall” and a “Turanian Wide Wall”. No matter what they do to make their icons different from each other, you’ll make the wrong one by mistake and you’ll do it often enough to complain about it.

Speaking of making the icons different, they would have to do a whole bunch of work to create all these duplicate pieces. They can’t just reuse the exact same texture for a wider wall and stretch it, because it’ll look like crap. They have to make sure it aligns correctly at the seams, too.

And there’s also the question of materials. A normal T3 wall requires 8 hardened bricks, 2 shaped wood and 2 steel reinforcements. Will the wide T3 wall variant require the same? Or will it require more since it’s bigger? It’s a decision that affects the game “economy” and it might not be as trivial as we assume.

All in all, the suggestion is to add a foundation piece that would require adding a new variant of all the other existing pieces, ending up in a significant amount of work with the end result of making the user experience worse.

I know that the half-a-square foundation piece seems like a necessity, but there are so many things you can do with the existing pieces.

Welp, I do not agree, to be honest, but thanks for clarification and the link. Gonna see what else I can do with the tools we have.

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