Building tips? follower question and how to chat?

just come back to conan after a long break and everything is different. thanks to another player I finally found the build menu. However, where in the old craft menu I could select how many foundations or walls, for example, that I wanted to use, now it looks like it will tell me how many I can build but I can only make them one at a time. Is that correct or did I miss a button?
also, noted, can not stack foundations or somehow shift up to a higher level? I lay a foundation and its under water but I know these things can be higher than so low. what am I missing? do I really have to waste supplies and use a fence foundation to get a normal foundation higher?
any build tips or any other tips for that matter appreciated. I play on xbox x and Ps5.

as for followers…the one thing that always takes me away from conan and back to another game I play is that followers can only be had one at a time. I like to have as many as I want to go adventuring with me. is it still only one follower? Moving gets to be a pain when you can only take one at a time. I have a starter base and eventually want to build elsewhere. I gave up this game last time because it was so painful to move. hope this has changed. really rooting for this game to knock my socks off this time. especially as the one thing I LOVE about this game is all the texture options from builds to clothing. if the other game I play had half as much as conan in this area Id probably stop looking for other games that do more. Hoping this update of conan I have just discovered makes my dreams come true. thanks to anyone for help and advice.

Lastly, how on earth can you chat with the rest of the server? my other games this is right there. just open chat box and say howdy to everyone and see the conversations all on screen. this is an online multiplayer game. but I cant figure out where the chat box is. its been like playing solo. I can see other bases and occasionaly other people but I do not know how to talk to anyone. help?

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Yes that is correct, you can only craft build pieces as you place them. No more pre-made parts. Any previous pre-made parts will now be salvaged item packs with resources inside them.

You need to press down on the d pad to raise foundations now.

No, using the Authority attribute you can now have more followers. If moving base like you mentioned, you can also call a follower to you per hour. Just make sure they are naked first.

Not sure if there is an option for chatting to the whole server but you can chat locally if you are not in a party.

Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

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ty xninjapix, how do you chat locally? you mean if someone is next to me and if I have headphones on? Im also newish to my xbox.

If you build a transportory stone at your new location, it won’t be too difficult to move thralls. There’s a lot of loading screens and corruption to face, but it’s certainly quicker than “saving” one thrall per hour. Plus, no need to strip them of their equipment.




On ps4 I cannot adjust the foundation altitude anymore :confused:.
But no @Peaches, you can stack foundations, it’s just a bit buggy, that’s all. The good part with the new building system is the you can take all your materials back. So feel free to test everything you like and break it if you don’t like it, you don’t loose materials from destroying what you don’t want anymore :wink:.

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Hey Stel, hit down on the d-pad 3 times, that should allow you to change the foundation height.

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transportation stone? dont you have to get involved in the sorcery system to do that? Ive read something about an archivist? cartography for a map? If you get the world map does that let you transport your people? Or is there a neutral transportation stone not related to sorcery that one can get? sorry to be so clueless. I do google but google sometimes gives so much unrelated things one cant get down to the real deal anymore. appreciate your response. thank you

The transportory stone is the final spell you learn, so yeah, it’s sorcery. However, you don’t need to do sorcery to use it. Anyone can use it. It’s smaller than a map room and it links two or more stones together, allowing you to travel to wherever you place another. They’re clan only, so you can’t link to other people’s stones. Yes, you can travel with a thrall through it, so it works just fine. The only issue is that you get a lot of corruption, as well as a chance to crash on the other side if your base is large… or in the case of my siptah base, someone with a large base builds next to your base.

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