3.0 - My Thoughts So Far

To preface this, I’m over 200 hours in. Don’t ask how, I’m just built different; and now I’m allowed to share my thoughts so I will.

This whole thing is going to be in bullet points, to speed through so let’s go

The Good

  • Sorcery. Love it, called it, virtually perfect in every way. I dislike the call lightning spell but I can choose to ignore it.
  • Build rework. 80% support. Put decorations in the hammer, so I can build and furnish all in one instead of having to interrupt the building flow to go for a torch-crafting break. Repurpose artisan tables into making defensive/offensive items; namely bombs, traps, and palisades.
  • Illusion. Useful feature, lot of potential. Potential hampered by restrictions on crafting knowledge. Further devalues legendaries because now you can’t even harvest their skin for better craftables
  • Attritube rework. Love it, simple as. Early game you get stronger quicker and you have much more versatility.
  • Armor switched to flat bonuses instead of adding attributes. Love it. Can make multiple sets for their varied bonuses without having to respec to get them. I feel like thralling? Slap on lemurian royal. Fighting? One of many str or agi boosting sets
  • Agility for more than bows, incredible. No longer need a dump attritube dedicated to only one weapon. Promotes rogue gameplay
  • Zombies: The most special boy. Each one is my son and I love them all. Long live the swarm. Witch Doctor? Never heard of it.
  • Abyssal Steed: ZOOM when you need it, gone when you don’t. Earthly mounts are dead to me.
  • Food now gives more bonuses: hell yeah. Cheap potion effects that stack with potions. Finally a reason for varied foods

The Meh

  • Demon followers. You unlock them after zombies, are more of a chore than zombies, and last a lot less time than zombies. Level quick sure, but also you’re on a ticking timer with them and they start way weaker than a good zombified thrall. Need either more longevity or more initial power to justify.
  • Potion changes. Not a huge fan of only one running at a time, but at least they don’t suffer the same fate as warpaint.
  • Corrupted attributes: simply put feel half-finished. Only half the attributes are corruptible, meaning agility based wizards are at a disadvantage over str based ones. Grit especially is in dire need of something, to alleviate stamina being halved.
  • Weapons no longer giving attributes: I was torn between putting this in meh or bad, but it’ll sit in meh for now. It increases the value of other oddball weapons with unique effects as now those effects don’t have to compete with stat bonuses being core to builds, but as a tradeoff many are now weaker than before. Str boosting str weapons obviously, same with agi. Shields especially, the only reason to not use a 15ker durability was for the attributes. Now there’s a tiny handful that are worth something, but just barely. Rework in next age please

The Bad

  • Abyssal armor. Light armor with 70% DR and more buffs for the set than if you managed to wear three other sets all at once. And the price of this armor? One NORMAL heavy padding, and some sucker strapped to a table. Too strong AND too cheap. Nerf pls.
  • Stamina in corrupted builds. Simply put, most of what people want to use corrupted str for is just not viable right now. You try using a 2hander and you need to go take a nap in between swings because your stamina pool is so tiny. It’s more of a puddle than a pool. Tested with a 2h sword, even at max grit and a light load you can get off MOST of one combo before you run out.
  • Warpaints: oh god what have you done. They’re purely visual now and got renamed to suit; but who uses aesthetic warpaints? Seriously, make all warpaint cheaper. I don’t think anyone wants to go fight wolves and be mid-level or higher just for some cool tattoos covered by most armor sets. I never ever used decorative warpaints before this update, and only now have started forcing myself to but I’m not enjoying it especially since for the cost of some finger paint to make my arms green I could be writing spell pages.

That’s it for now, I’ll edit more points in as I think of them. Commence arguing why I’m wrong down below :crossed_swords:


I’m sure someone will mod the artisan table into the hammer and quickly realize they need one of the mods that pulls resources from a separate box. Both of which are a hard pass on my part as you know.

I understand your argument for not wanting to clutter your inventory with oddball materials like silk and iron bars; but to counter your argument I always build 1000%+ overencumbered. Even keeping your surplus materials in a “decoration mats” chest you can loot when you go on a decorating spree is a preferable alternative to using the artisan table as that chest with the added chore of needing to premake everything then walk it back over to where you want to put it later.

Even if they gave the option via a client side setting, so I can use the hammer like creative mode already has it without needing to go into creative mode

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This is because simply put, it’s not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. If you build authority you can end up with even stronger followers than before. Even before 3.0 I was never pro-thrall because they just feel like easymode babysitters. I pride myself in being able to handle most fights solo. If I can’t, I bring them in as a sidekick and don’t cry if they die. That’s why zombies are so good now, they’re meant to be expendable.

I recognize my style of play is not the same as everyone else’s, but I’m far from the only person who doesn’t rely on the thrall crutch


But how you play does not counter my argument. Cluttering my inventory and cluttering the hammer when we have a bench to use already that can use a craftsman is not a reason. I understand how decorators would like it, but that’s why it firmly belongs in a mod.

They should introduce new stat bonuses for said weapons.
For example:

  • stamina
    reduced stamina cost for light or heavy
    bleed/poison cleanse on a timer
    +hp vampirism perk etc.

Majority of stat weapons EL or Siptah are simply not worth farming when we have a far better options from weapons with unique perks that still remain or simple poison.


How long do the zombies last?

I strongly disagree this should be relegated to a mod. Clearly funcom had the idea conceptualized when they made it possible in creative mode, but didn’t commit.

It needs to at the very least be an option for players who think a cluttered bench is a worse layout than organized categorized tabs in an already present menu, such as myself.


Few IRL days. Much longer than demons, and are much stronger and cheaper. Basically best boys and you don’t even need to go through the effort of gearing them

I doubt its as simple as an option to move the entire function of a bench into the hammer and aside from that, they seem to have made a conscious decision to leave it the way it is.

We all make mistakes, but it’s not too late for them to fix it

In this case, they didnt.


@den @AndyB I’m sorry I doubted.

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Some excellent points there mate, well done. Lets hope they pay attention.


Seriously, one of the things I’m looking forward with the whole BP and BLB thing is the incentive to trade with other players. The change to the building system already means that we won’t be able to trade building pieces, but at least we can trade placeables, which is what people mostly want to trade anyway.

Please don’t take that away.


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3.0 feels really good. After spending 3-4days playin test live servers its really difficult to jump back onto the live game and play.


agreed :smiley:

how you manage to get 200 hours in 4 days ? its only 96 hours each

The sorcery its cool and looks cool, but some are completely useless,
in my hours of play, I didn’t find any use for some spells, even more so for the staff’s close-range attack, it’s ridiculous…even more for the lack of damage in magic

I’m guessing @Jimbo has played it for more than 4 days. Here’s a hint as to how that’s possible:


So since when has it been available for these people?