Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

Updated testlive client and testlive server to latest version, but when connecting to server i get error about incompatible version??? used dedicated server to install a completly clean testlive branch server but same error.
any advice?

Solution: Start dedicated server with extra parameter:
“C:\Servers\ConanExile - Test Live\DedicatedServerLauncher1600.exe” -steamid 931580

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Not to impose, Master, but have you considered hosting a Testlive server? If you do, please invite me.


I do not agree with “Conan Exiles Update 3.0 … revamps core aspects of the game”.
For example new attributes, and change for attributes from weapons and armor.
This is not the game I paid for …


Give it a try first. There are quite a few interesting builds with the new attributes. Your usual build is not going to be the same but the new system is pretty easy to get into, you just need to see what works for you.

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@Selene01 No it isn’t. But will it be better or worse? All signs are pointing that I am going to be happier than not*.

  • (outside the loss of undead guardians at my base…I have been building them up because the thrall nerf was coming, pets were going to be excluded from the neft, we can be necromancers, and I was expecting a more level playing field with it all…all to be moved out of existence…not bitter…another zig when I should have zagged)

Sorcery recipe screen is blank. Am I missing some prerequisite? How do I start down the path of a sorcerer?

Try the new zombies :smiley:

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If you are on Exiled Lands, you can kill a sorc and they will drop you a pouch to open and get a map. The map will show you where to learn sorcery. Same for Isle of Siptah.

Spoiler for EL:

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Temporary nature and zombies are just…gross. the rot is still going on, you got methane bloating and popping abdomens and we aren’t even going to go into insects and just a shambling pile of maggots.

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Is there an “advanced” sorcery or something? I think i learned everything under “basic” sorcery, because it gave me the transport stone 10th time in a row. Has anyone found it yet? I know there are more spells because I haven’t had any summoning undead ones yet

Do you have more upgrade options in the bench? If so, more to learn.

No, I have like 20 different ways to craft this tome of kurak and crafting the staff

Since the decorations are now also in this “building menu”, will all the artisans’ workbenches now disappear? Will the decorations still be “tradable”?

For the role-playing aspect, that would be a real dampener!


There are at least 25 feats (+1 for the main feat with the staff). EDIT: Total is 27 under the main feat.

well last upgrade asked 100 witchfire and it was also for me the teleporter one… But i dont really get how that ice bridge works… one cast is like 1 block far, another is like 20 blocks far … and then they just float in air when first part broken… True magic :smiley:

Oh so everything under the basic sorcery feat is all there is? Overall it feels…underwhelming. It’s got some cool flashy stuff but that’s it. Maybe 1 or 2 useful utility spells

You have to aim the mouse exactly where you want it to go

I would say there are bit more than that but indeed the majority of the spells are utility spells.

Ye well i try but as i am choosing that spell its look like it automated goes at that spot where i aim when i pick that spell… so i just try to kinda crouch to go higher…

As long as they add more down the line I won’t complain too much XD hopefully this won’t be all for the next 2 years