Testlive 3.0 impression

I haven’t played in awhile, but the Age of Sorcery update got me curious enough to try the testlive client. It’s been a lot of fun.

The early game has gotten much easier because my build plan became viable earlier, and is scaling up quite well. At lvl 50, it was already more effective than the previous version. The build plan: skirmisher, spec agil/grits, balanced points in everything else. Without accuracy, I don’t have a dump stat, and no points are wasted, yet the agility bonuses and perks give me a little flexibility to make use of scavenged ranged weapons when convenient (mostly for provoking distant enemies into knife range.) My pet has also not been useless. A greater hyena is surprisingly durable and effective enough that I feel obligated to name it.

Sorcery still appears to be in development… At level 30, I thought the bar a little too high for entry; couldn’t you provide something subtle yet practical that a lower lvl player can add to their bag of tricks? I managed to get the staff ~ lvl 52, and thought the treasure provided a little too monty haul: there was more gold than the challenge warranted. Also the magic seems inconsistent with Hyborean Age sorcery. It’s not supposed to be spectacular as D&D or Disney magic. But this is a visual medium, and you can’t really instill the sense of mystery and dread on the audience without visual stimuli, unlike the text-based medium.

My overall impression of the introduction and system of sorcery is that it looked like something a first time modder would produce. I hope to see a lot more development in both before this goes to release.

How ? I usually use age of conan as an example for being from the same developer I consider “Canon” for her.

Well, conjuring a floor of ice with a wave of a staff isn’t nothing. This isn’t subtle, not visually nor in physic or gameplay effect.

Question does the Avatar Protection bubble protect against Sorcery Spell and if not might I suggest for it to. This suggestion/question has to with the new Sorcery Tools now available that makes bases entry very easy (bat, Ice Bridge, etc) and the Religion bubble would go a long way to ward this off.

Good idea or bad idea? Questions/comments/this suggestion sucks, etc, welcome .

Possibly make Hallowed weapons remove corruption on opponents on hit and lessen effects of some Sorcery spells if you have the item or weapon in your hand.?


You couldn’t fight shalebacks before level 52?


They saw this wannabe sorcerer and went…


Don’t you mean deadbacks? Shaleback shaped things that don’t bleed but yield demon blood after you kill them? Yeah, I could fight one, with a lot of effort. Walked into the next chamber with 4 of them, and I was certain I couldn’t get through them all without dying lots. I might’ve been able to fight them between lvl 30 and lvl 52, but I really had a lot more to do before I went back. Maybe you thought I was trying every single level until I get through, but I’m afraid there’s more to do in the game.

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Well if you wanna get technical, they’re actually called Undead Kappas.

Damn dude what is your build? Even at 30 on 3.0 that’s enough for a decent amount of stats in various combat skills, plus adequate enough gear to hold your own.

They’re not super difficult to fight, but I guess that’s fair depending on how you were kitted and your stats spread.

Beyond that though, the entry into sorcery is pretty low. The first few spells are dirt cheap provided you can get the scrolls, and by the time you start gathering thralls a sorcerer thrall would be part of that mix, helping you speed up your progression

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Well, I was dealing chip damage against them. They weren’t dealing threatening damage against me, so in retrospect I probably could have rushed right past the pack and got over an ice bridge. I just didn’t try until after I’d accomplished a whole lot more, because I suspected that sorcery was overrated. I still think that’s the case.


lmao I ran in naked at lvl 9, and took the book…^^

There is a lot to change and a lot to fix. I dont exactly see what u mean with diffrent kind of sorcery, but the one that is effective atm is really gonna nerf 80% of the map’s base spots. Alos the zombies, and Sabertooth are gonna need a nerf.
Black Savate shows it well on his review of Age of Sorcery.

I’m still unlocking it all. but the blog says the types of sorcery are Spellcasting, Ritual Magic and Alchemy. I’ve found the rituals on the Circle of Power interesting and useful, still waiting to see the expansion in alchemy.

This is not necessary. Starting naked from the desert, you can run at level 1 directly to the cave, run in, run, jump, dodge past the deadbacks and get to the sorcery book. If you want to be cautious, put a bedroll nearby outside of the cave. Run dodge jump your way back out.

Hehe. I should have read further down before replying to your earlier post.

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