Some Feedback for 3.0 (PVE)

Hi guys. I’ve been playing the Testlive client offline in single player for a few days now, and I had some feedback.

There seems to be a bug with the thaumaturgy bench and advancing the magic tome, when you reset your attributes/knowledges using the yellow lotus potion. After using the potion, the recipe to improve my tome was completely removed from the bench. It wasn’t greyed out or anything, just completely absent. I tried rebuilding the bench, spawning a new tome through the admin panel, etc, and no dice. I still had the sorcery feats in my knowledges page, and could still cast the spells I had unlocked.

The only thing that seemed to work was going back to the sorcery cave and re-learning the initial feats. However, now two tome upgrade recipes were available: the initial recipe using putrid flesh and stone, and a new one using different components. Using the initial recipe again added new, previously unknown spells. Using the putrid flesh recipe a second time added more new spells. A third and fourth use did the same. The basic putrid flesh recipe never stopped being available, while the second tome upgrade recipe would change the materials it required as you would expect. I unlocked all the remaining spells using the putrid flesh and stone recipe. This seems… unintended.

Second, I noticed the animation for my character walking/sprinting with a shield drawn seems to be different. It looks a little awkward, with the left arm held stiffly, like a chicken wing. I’m not sure if this is an intentional change or a bug, but I thought I’d mention it. There is a definite bug when I walking or “sprint” while overloaded though. My character’s feet seem to stick together and not move, while the legs and upper body wiggle and flop around like a wind-sock. If use the admin panel to increase my move speed (I ran back to the sorcery cave at 10x speed), then this is much more pronounced, and my character’s upper body flops forward and backward, arms flailing, like she’s in an 80s break dancing video played in fast forward.

That being said, I am really enjoying a lot of the design decisions you made in 3.0, especially the attribute system and the build system. Those are genuinely really great. The sorcery is a lot of fun too, especially the summoning recipes. Thanks!

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