[TestLive 3.0] Official EU PvE Server - Reporting some bugs and issues

Hello there,

I wanna report some bugs and issues which have bene noticed within the official EU PvE Server.


  • Mouse Cursor still messed up. Need to switch reolutions and back to fix it.

Thaumaturgy bench with T4 Sourcerer:

  • I had reset my points by a Yellow Lotus Potion
  • All my Thaumaturgy upgrades/progress are lost, even after relog
  • I can only craft a Staff for 20 Iron Bars and 5 Crystals
  • Building up a new Thauma Table dont fix it, I cannot continue…
  • → OK, I had to go back to the cave to “re-unlock” the tome and spells. Though all my spells and stuff had been still be unlocked, so my progress was saved within Knowledge - Sorcery Tab.
  • → A next “bug” here is now, I had to collect Grey Lotus to progress further before, now it seems this step has been simply be skipped as I currently need a new and other receipe to progress. Need to collect Soul Essenes now.
  • I have reset my points a few times already, but this last time it kinda had broken my Sorcery Progress and after “re-acquiring” the tome it even skipped a step for progression. This can be easily exploited…
  • → As I do own 2 Tomes now, one has a permanent Putrid Meat & Stone receipe. This easy receipe can be permanently used to continue progression. I now dont need Soul Essences now, but Sacrificial Blood in a Flask… Dragonhorn afterwards… Easy Bug to being exploited. Or is this an intended feature for testing purposes?
  • → So, there might be 2 bugs. Restat bug and 2nd tome bug/exploit (testing feature?).

All weared inventory items lost after causing a server crash/disconnection:
I returned to my base and stood infront of my base’s gate mounted with horse, had a T4 Thrall on my rope and 2 Dalinsias were following me. While being mounted on my horse, I spammed the gate to open up. Server crashed and I had lost all my character’s inventory items. They didnt even return after 10’s of minutes of waiting and after various relogs. It wasnt a huge loss though as I had lost just a few Starmetal Tools and Weapons and T4 Armor…

Thralls/Mounts don’t act/react:

  • Thralls and mounts dont follow
  • Thralls dont attack
  • Thralls attack when they shouldn’t
  • Thralls and mounts mostly dont follow orders
  • Could be issued by bad server performance
  • If I run towards my Horse to mount, it spawns behind me. Really annoying!!
  • I just teled to Seper Obelisk, ran through whole Seper and even back, my Horse wasnt even visible and/or near me. Server Performance is really crap!! Luckily my both Thralls were kinda following/tele to me but werent even useable…

Base’s Crafting Table placements messed up after relog:
Whenever I relog, my Crafting Tables and other stuff are messed up, glitched within other tables. No idea how to fix it. I have to replace tables everytime I had relogged. Here an example seen on screenshots:

→ I need to put tables back to inventory/dismantle them and to freshly put them again. Moving tables and other stuff wont be applied… after a relog.

Flying mobs:
There are various flying animals on various locations…

Connection refuse/BattleEye issue:

Old Star Metal Meteorites locations please:
These new falling locations of Star Metal Meteorites kinda suck. I would rather risk to harvest Star Metal up on mountains than to blindly search for them within woods. Meteorites are herd to notice within woods. It is even unlogical, as falling meteorites would destroy trees around.

Falling meteorites around lake and within woods, sux:

Missing NPCs due to Incursions:

  • Bearer doesnt spawn in Spinebreaker’s Flank while an Incursion happens at Summoning Place. In this case it is the Stormsick Event. The Performer next the Bearer’s spot does spawn though.
  • Same with Sinners Refuge. Those who are “next” to this event dont spawn there. Minimum 5 NPCs are missing, which should be there at the end of the cave.

Crafting Issues:

  • Improved Fishtraps cannot be built as a regular Fishtrap needs so to be in inventory, which currenty is not possible. Just the crafting materials of a regular Fishtrap can be hold in inventory.


  • Sandstorm still applies inside caves, for example inside Sinners Refuge.
  • I am being entertained at the end of the Sinners Refuge cave, though it doesnt remove corruption.
  • Thrall Pot doesnt function

T4 Temperwrights dont support Legendary Kits:


Ошибка улучшенных ловушек для рыб, нельзя скрафтить

Yes, the Improved Fishtraps cannot be built, as a regular Fish Trap needs to be in inventory, which is currently impossible.

Building a Fish Trap and trying to return it to inventory doesnt work, as it is going to put the crafting materials back into inventory instead.

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