Temperwrights and Legendary Armor Patch Kits

So I just got T4 Armor Barks-At-Moon that has the hammer icon meaning it should be a Temperwrights. After breaking in the Greater Wheel of Pain I put the Thrall in the Tinker’s Bench and I do not have the recipe for the Legendary Armor Patch Kits. Was that recipe removed from Temperwrights T4 Armor Thralls? Or is there something bugged with this specific Armor Thrall?

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I can confirm and also wondering about this issue. My T4 Temperwright also doesnt support special Legendary Armor Patch Kits.

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Having the same issue with Barks-At-Moon on official testlive server. Not sure if it’s just Barks-At-Moon as I have no other thralls to test with.

My T4 tempersmith is still able to make legendary weapon repair kits on the same server.

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