Followup Questions to the 3.0 Livestream (future QnA stream content?)

First, thank you for the livestream about 3.0 from the other day and for asking us to submit questions for a potential future QnA livestream. I hope you work on the next iteration of the game goes well.

Here are my questions:

  1. I understand how attribute bonuses for Strength and Agility will now work in 3.0. But what about armor bonuses for Encumbrance or Survival? Using armor to hit the last Encumbrance perk in Live is much different than just getting extra carrying capacity. So how will the new bonus system in 3.0 work specifically for Encumbrance and Survival?

  2. Relatedly, what about Encumbrance or Survival bonuses on weapons, tools, and shields such as the Shield of Zabweth or Black Blood Pick? How will they work?

  3. Is the top, Live version, Encumbrance perk still in the game?

  4. Has the lighting changed? The trailer seemed to indicate it was on the Exiled Lands at least.

  5. Too what degree are the hit points for doors increasing? Will it be all doors? Just tier 2 doors?

  6. Are tier 3 building pieces getting more hit points?

  7. Can the new demon teleporter things be fully enclosed in a building?

  8. I’m very glad to hear you are interested in increasing the XP and harvest rates on PVP servers. Honestly, the biggest grind on PVP servers is for thralls, especially armorers and blacksmiths. Will named thralls spawn more often on PVP servers to further help reduce the grind?

  9. I like the changes to Demonfire Orbs. Any changes to Grease Orbs?

  10. Any changes planned to stack size or weight of basic materials like wood and stone in the game?

  11. Can we pick up the demon teleporter placeable? Or will it work more like shrines where you can only dismantle them?

  12. You mentioned sorcerer thralls can be put on benches. Which benches and what difference will they make?

  13. You said that we can’t place players’ characters on the sacrificial altar. What about other players’ fighters, archers, and entertainer thralls? Will it be possible for us to knock them out and sacrifice them?

  14. Are there any changes to old workbenches in this patch?

  15. Will we be getting improved versions of the Fluid Press, Grinder, and Dryer that process materials faster and have an increased inventory?

  16. Any changes to Rhino Mounts specifically?

  17. After cosmetic items rotate out of a Battlepass or in the in-game store, could you package a bunch of them up into a DLC like the People of the Dragon?

  18. Any changes to how food works in the 3.0 patch?

  19. What attribute will Shields index off of? Strength or Agility?

  20. Will a minimap or at least a compass finally be added to the official version of the game?

  21. Will any new types of mounts be added to the game such as an Ostrich or Panther?

  22. Are we finally going to be able to use cochineal in fish traps?

  23. Are you planning on ever doing Twitch drops again, or is the Battlepass taking the place of such things?

  24. Does invisibility only work on NPCs, or will Players be unable to see an invisible character too?

  25. I appreciate the nerf/fix on Teimos. Will you be buffing any of the Volcano Fighter/Archer Thralls?

  26. Would it be possible to add a weapon swapping queue to the game? This would be invisible to the player, but on the backend, when the player presses the swap button, the game will execute the swap at the next available frame. It might not be instantaneously of course, but if the button gets pressed, it will absolutely happen once all animations from the previous weapons have finished.

  27. Will 3.0 add a new religion?

  28. Any progress to report on linking an Exiled Lands server to a Siptah server so we can seamlessly travel between maps?

  29. Will it ever be possible to purchase the current DLC packs such as Riders of Hyboria using Crom Coins?

  30. You mentioned there will be new caves to fight monsters in both the Exiled Lands and Siptah. Will these be actual new ground we couldn’t walk on before or are you just taking pre-existing caves and revamping them?

Thank you.



A few questions from me:

  1. With the rework of the stat bonus on gear from being attribute based to being straight dmg/vit/stam bonus - what about the thrall StatNerfLottery? In the past, we could’ve saved those 6-10 hours spent on training a CimBer, who ended up being an aspiring sniper with -5 vit and -10 str by just using +vit/+str weapons & armor. Will we be able to reset/re-roll (at a cost of mana/mats) the nerf-traits on thralls via rituals / NPC Potion of Bestial Memory, or will there be a differentiation in gear stat, so that thralls will still get a +attribute bonus?

  2. Will there be more variety and usability in using different thralls now, i.e - will the old classification into T1/T2/T3-rate thralls be changed? If so - will they all become useful, or are they all going to be crippled into T1-thrash thralls?

  3. Will the power output of bosses/NPCs be changed now, so as not to end in a mass slaughter of NPCs and mass griefing of the playerbase over the dozens of hours spent on leveling 35+ T3 thralls to lvl20 - only to loose them because the pathing system/call away command buggest yet again during a fight? Or - will we gain the ability to resurrect them?

  4. Seeing how useless they are in combat, and that with the attribute rework it seems like you won’t be able to hit the equivalent of 50-pt ecumbrance when in combat spec - would it be possible to make the “carrying animals” (camel, turanian rhino/elephant) and/or carrier thralls have their own separate “carrier” category - so that you would no longer need to choose between having either a fighter (melee/archer) or carrier thrall? (the latters don’t have any combat value anyway, because of the 0.45 hidden melee stat modifier)

  5. You mentioned that we’ll be able to craft the stats into armors separately, to split the appearance from the stat values. How will the special Siptah armors be handled then - the +9 encumbrance on serpent boots, the +stamina regeneration on Jhill’s gloves, +9 / +6 strength on the serpent gloves / wolf’s helmet, etc? What about the delving bench armors, that usually offered between +14 up to +20 stat bonus overall?

  6. Will the appearance of a weapon be also separated from its bonus stats? What about effects? Will we be able to choose a separate effect (i.e. poison) axe / 2H sword / warhammer both for a STR and AGI based character, or will they be locked for each “path”?
    (i.e. - daggers only for AGI)

  7. Will the creative mode be locked only for admins, or will normal players be able to, for example, use it to create “blueprints” of their bases, and have a summary of how many resources are actually required displayed / use it to have a copy of the base layout somehow “saved”, for after the wipe?

  8. I remember reading that the Crom Store / Battlepass items will be character bound. Currently, it was possible to either use account sharing to, i.e. - either allow your close one, or for those “altocholics” among us - to access all the DLCs without paying multiple times for ourselves. Will the purchases be also available for the accounts made with family sharing? If not - will it be possible to create more than 1 character per server, within the same steam/funcom account - or at least make the items crafted within a guild be “guild bound”?

I posted the perks on my recap. Courtesy of the Dennis.

Pretty sure this is covered in the recap.

Covered in the recap. Or at least I assume it is. Basically, they have their own tab in the Bazzar (as covered in the recap), so I’m going to assume that’s the case

Where was this mentioned? I just spent the past 2 days on the stream, and don’t recall this coming up. Same with the trailer Would appreciate a timestamp so I can review it and include it in the summary.

Covered in the recap. The rest of this question was not discussed.

Recap here.

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Not sure if it was in the livestream (and not going to go through the whole 2h at 4:46 AM XD), but it was apparently in the trailer.

That’s good - was under the impression that this topic was meant for collecting Q’s for a future Q&A with Dennis. :wink:

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…I’m aware of what the OP’s original point of their thread is. I was informing you that part of your question was covered. Further, this is not an “official” collection of questions.

If you are referring to the Illusion system, you misunderstood. Its a typical Transmog system. You make one armor piece look like another armor piece. And they have to be the same armor piece. Covered in the recap.

Furthermore, they removed attributes from armors and weapons. Can read about it in the recap.

That’s why I spent 2 solid days writing you all a recap. Information is there. And if you haven’t even watched a minute of the stream, why are you adding to a thread that is supposed to be about follow up questions for a stream?


Ok, so that begs a few more questions.

  1. I notice the Thuggery perk is gone. Does that mean it will be easier to knock out Thralls with truncheons?

  2. Any changes to fall damage now that the Cat-like Reflexes perk is gone?

  3. Are breath timers longer now that the Deep Breath perk is missing? It was probably the most universal perk since nearly every player puts a certain amount of points into Vitality.

  4. Is the temperature system being reworked since the Impervious perk is now removed? As above, most characters had that perk since players are highly incentivized to spend points in Vitality.

  5. Is the timer for the Cripple debuff being shortened since the Sure-Footed perk is missing?

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I came a bit late to the stream, and started to watch it from circa the 40-something minute, or so.

I’m aware of that - though might’ve worded it wrongly and didn’t remember the details, the fact that you could “move the stats of one gear piece into another appearance” was what I remembered - forgetting about the “illusion” part. Overall, the result is the same, no?: you get the bonus from piece A and make it look like piece B.

They did, yes. What about the difference in effectiveness between the “standard epic” (classic map & DLC) pieces and the “special ability/large bonus” ones from Siptah? Will they retain that difference - seeing that farming eldarium takes more effort than a trip to the tower for a bit of star metal - or will they all be trimmed down to the new “standard average” level?

Also, I don’t think they mentioned status effects - are they going to be removed as well?

Out of the 38 questions posted to that point, you provided factual answers to 4, one of which required an “I assume”. So not really an answer. I don’t know if you just fishing for compliments, but while I did find your recap useful, I don’t know how you would assume we didn’t watch a minute of the stream. I appreciate your replies, but not the snark.

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So, stop trying to be helpful on this forum. Got it.

So stop the straw man arguments? Yes.

Most of these questions will fall to Funcom to answer.

Since they did not cover it in the dev stream and/or trailer, I am confident on some answers below:

#12. For the new sorcery benches. Otherwise, unknown currently (Funcom will answer this one when ready)
#13. Not mentioned so this would be no since you are unable to knock them out now.
#15. Not mentioned so most likely not. (at least for 3.0)
#16. Not mentioned specifically so most likely no changes beyond the mounted combat changes mentioned.
#18. Not mentioned so most likely not. (at least for 3.0)
#20. No (at least for 3.0)
#27. No

Some if not all of the other questions probably won’t get answered until they ready to release it to the test live. Some questions may get a vague answer as will look into since they may have put any thought into it.
I skipped ones Multigun replied that were in the stream / Recap notes.

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As I read it most of the questions so far were already covered. Some of the answers however are: Play it to find out… No Spoilers… Not going to come that much detail - the general answer was given.

I dunno, That was my reaction when scanning through most of these.

No mention was made of it, but will 3.0 finally introduce into the relevant UI’s the ability to create and load from multiple savegames on the same map?

Only being able to have one save per map is killing retention of interest in Conan Exiles. Compare it to Skyrim where I can have unlimited characters each with their own savegame.

Adding sorcery into CE will bring a new wave of “sword and magic” players and I’ll wager that 99.9% quit playing after a few hours because they cannot save more than one character at a time - especially if they are playing on PC rather than a Playstation 1.

Thatbis a long list. And really, some of that shouldnjust be left to exploring and fondong our thru gamepmay. Ifbthey answered everything, then some of theb"new car" smell is removed.

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