Relic hunter City and oth

I really appreciate your work on this piece of art, conan exiles is one of the best survival and dungeon games yet to be presented. I have here some suggestions which I would like you to reconsider :
One of the things that I wish to be enhanced in conan exiles is
Improving the tavern look in the Waterside, and add various special (and non special) NPC 's their. The Innkeeper can also give you some missions, and you can hear rumours from him. (the inns in skyrim and their function are amazing and are absolutely worth checking).

Surround the city with a wall, with a gate on its intrance. (and maybe some guards doing their shifts).
Add various Npc characters in the city that can give you certain missions, maybe some shop keepers, and merchants that can trade with you special items. One of the annoying things (at least for me) is that all the NPC humans in the game are certain type of thralls, maybe in the city you can make some just normal.

You can also add some scattered villages in the world map (or at least a village in the river biome, in the empty area) and/or maybe one Inn in some biomes. For me what makes this game special than any other survival game, that its similar in many things to skyrim, not just a building game. The creatures, bosses, NPC’s are the things that makes it unique. Another thing is that in the game its just too damn easy and fast to achieve the high level, in skyrim I remember the first 15 levels were easy, afterwards it became nearly impossible to level. Maybe you can keep the same amount of XP needed to reach level 20, but then It will become harder.
As you progress and level up in the game the creatures in the low_level biomes still have the same health and power, isn’t better if they become tougher as you progress??

For the weather. Maybe you can add various weather events, thunderstorms, blizzard, Frost, fog, windstorms. And make the weather more perilous.

Yes the citys need to have some reason to go to after you got the thralls u need, and maybe befrend one or 2 off them whit quests and benefits, and yes that other citys hate you for it.

Dont let mobs level whit you, its a tereble system lock how bad it was in elderscroll.
But make a lv 60 uppdate on all instanses.

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