How many people that play Conan Exiles *ACTUALY* know the Conan world. "The movies!?" "The writings!?". And the many stories that surround Conan The Barbarian !:)!

Another thing to add, when I was very young, I used to go in my older brothers room when he was at school and rummage through his stuff, including a ton of comics. It is a hazy memory, but I think the first boobs I ever saw were in a Conan comic. I thought about telling mom, but I think I just kept looking through all the pictures instead. :laughing:


I’ve been a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s Conan since the late '70’s. I’ve done oil paintings and even wrote my own fan fiction short with Conan Properties LLC permission. I’m fairly certain I could be a technical consultant for a movie or tv series…but never mind that. Suffice it to say that the game and movies alike have very little to do with Robert E. Howard’s original character. There are elements in the game from Howard’s writings and that’s about it. Funcom didn’t even get Conan’s height right. I have a female character that’s taller standing next to him in the tavern…lol. I brought it to their attention, but they clearly changed nothing. (Sorry, Funcom. He’s Conan, not Danny DeVito. :wink: )
But I digress…my best suggestion: get all of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories. I doubt you’d be sorry. Then check out the other novelists such as L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, Robert Jordan, Steve Perry, Bjorn Nyberg…etc. I didn’t like all the stories I’ve read from other authors, but there are a lot of good ones out there.

(Below is the Conan I put together next to the impostor in the tavern.) :smiley:


There is for sure alot of people who know their stuff, and those who don’t alike.

It’s always nice to see the various adaptations and perspectives if each writer, I expect the game did it’s best there then :stuck_out_tongue:
Ide definitely be on the side of any topic towars adding more various parts ornthe actual story, the lands could easily feature some adventures based on conans own.

For the suggestion panel that one!!:slight_smile:

I admit it can sometimes be a bit confusing as well when multiple authors have written of the same main character, you always like to believe different versions or stories about the same guy link up in places. Ile find this out when I’m able to get the collections.

I like a game world that exhibits self-awareness, i.e. The Ymir Religion trainer basically postulating a simulation hypothesis.

The last game I saw breaking the fourth wall just alittle is Omikron: The Nomads Soul, where the first NPC you meet refers to you as a player - a soul from another dimension that can transfer from virtual body to virtual body.

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I got these hidden gems, pretty good reads.


Wow, thanks for sharing those pics. The cover art is fabulous. I just read The God in the Bowl in comic book for, though not that particular one. Great story, I was not expecting the murder mystery angle.


I prefer the 2011 Conan movie with Jason Momoa to the Arnold one myself. grid-6x2

Hm. Terminator VS Aquaman Conan.

I prefer Red Sonja :stuck_out_tongue:

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i admit you bought my mind to SAO for a second with the moving your soul to a virtual body and such, that is such an interesting concept!!

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Yeah man thank you for sharing those look so cool!! the art alone is enough to make you want them !!!

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lol i never get bored of watching Momoas Aquaman… honestly i could watch it a thousand times.

If mamoa grunted in the Conan movie, not talked, I could of dug it, like kal drogo. The modern lingo wasn’t selling it for, the mythos was there for sure, and the swordplay was great.

Yes, the racial descriptions and God explanations are faithful

Makes me want to pull my old Conan comics out of the wrappers in their box. I do believe I still have issues 4, 7, and 11 of the original series from the 70s and 80s. I’ll see about posting a few if you like.


Yeah, don’t know much about Conan universe - despite being Gen-x.
As with most, definitely know it has something to do with Arnolds past life. :wink:
(Never watched the movie - maybe Netflix will get it and not the new one - which I have not watched as I would rather watch Arnold than Kharl Drogo running around as Conan.)

Now Funcom had a DLC that had book, rpg book, comics, etc. - that would have helped… but its no longer available. (The downside was the proprietary apps needed for viewing by 3rd parties)

If they could redo that, and just have it available through any .pdf reader - bet a lot of our lore would go up a notch. As it is, I read the forums, and… play Conan the board game! (By Monolith)

Of course did a little Wiki read up when I bought the game, (board game), and found out some interesting ‘facts’ about Conan - which I did not expect, but guess I should not have been surprised about. (Definitely not the PC writing that would sell on the NYTimes #1 list now days) :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish Belit, Queen of the Sword Coast and her gear would be featured in CE…


Yeah, that would be cool - she is in the board game from Monolith… (got a ship adventure and all) :slight_smile:

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I read a book about Conan, but that was two decades ago, so I don’t remember much.
I should still have it somewhere. Maybe it’s time to go look for it. If I recall correctly they were all short stories, so I could take a small bite out of it every now and then.

And I’m going to rewatch the movies. I have those on dvd, along with Red Sonja.
But I was never too sure where Sonja belonged in the Conan universe. Mostly because Arnold was in that movie too, but not as Conan. That stuff’s confusing. :grin:

Definitely, for the sub.

They should release a story mode where we can play as Conan, a story to tell how he came to be there in the exiled lands :stuck_out_tongue:
all the different adaptions to his world would make for an interesting outcome for sure!!

theirs obviously loads and loads of different Conan materials that could be added without much effort on the developers behalf.

I have been trying to find a good collection of Conan material online to bid on but thus far no success. once i have a better knowledge of his world i expect i will make an official suggestion thread based on some of the things discussed here!

if someone else doesn’t get there first hehe =]

do we already have bosses from his world? some of the names i have heard here certainly ring a memory bell :o